Hey Mom, here comes Mother’s Day: What’s on your Gift List?

Hey Mom, here comes Mother’s Day: What’s on your Gift List?

Mother's Day is the day to celebrate all things mom! Of course, every mom is unique, as are their interests, hobbies, and styles. Adding gifts to your personalized, always-on Gift List that truly reflects your unique personality and interests is a great way to let your kids and family members know what you might want - for any upcoming gifting event - Mother’s Day, birthday, or anniversary.

A Gift List doesn’t mean you’re being selfish or demanding, it’s about making the day as special for you and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. By sharing a gift list, you can help your family feel confident in their gift-giving choices, while making sure that you’re delighted. To kickstart your imagination, we've rounded up a list of different gifts for Mom from Macy's. 

Even if you’re not a mom yourself, a child looking to surprise your mom, or a partner searching for a thoughtful gift, this list has something for everyone. Read on and get inspired to make this Mother's Day extra special for the amazing moms in your life! 

15 Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Type Of Mom From Macy's

Whether you’re a mom who loves to relax with a spa set, enjoys trying out new recipes in the kitchen, or simply wants to spend quality time with your loved ones outdoors, here’s a list of items you can add to your gift list and feel truly appreciated. 

Mother’s day gifts to bring in style and convenience

  1. 1. Pajama set for cozy nights

After a demanding work day or taking care of the kids, slipping into a cozy pajama set can be a much-needed treat. It helps you to unwind and feel energized for the next day, all while looking and feeling great.

  1. 2. Jewelry piece for special occasions

Nothing says "I love you" like a stunning piece of jewelry, afterall, it is more than just an accessory - a symbol of love, affection, and appreciation. So, whether for a wedding, anniversary, or other special occasion, adding a piece of jewelry to your registry is a great way to ensure that you receive a gift that you'll treasure forever.

  1. 3. Smart home device for convenience

Get the gift of convenience and relaxation this Mother's Day with the Roomba, a device that truly keeps on giving! Imagine how easier your life could be with one less chore to worry about. This Roomba smart home device, built with advanced technology can navigate around furniture, carpets, and other obstacles, leaving floors spotless without any effort on your part.

Moms, wrap yourselves in comfort

  1. 4. Bath robe for luxurious spa-like experience at home

Indulge in a cozy, relaxing experience without having to leave your house. With a soft and plush bathrobe, you can recharge and de-stress, or create a spa-like atmosphere for a pampering self-care routine. 

  1. 5. Comforter set for restful sleep

If your bedding needs an upgrade, get this and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning. Made with high-quality, cozy materials and designed for both style and comfort, this set will envelop you in a soft, warm embrace that will help you drift off into peaceful sleep. 

Gifts for mom’s at-home spa day

  1. 6. Spa set for self care

Mom, treat yourself to some much-needed self-care with this Bath and Body home spa set. This self-care kit includes everything you need to relax and pamper yourself, from soothing bath salts to calming bath bombs and more. Add it to your registry and enjoy some well-deserved "me time."

  1. 7. Foot massager for soothing massage after a long day

After hours of running errands and taking care of family, take a break from the demands of your day and indulge in a few moments of self-care. Afterall, you deserve to get off your feet and pamper yourself with this foot massager. 

Gifts for mothers to spice up the cooking game

  1. 8. Recipe book for culinary adventures

Having trying out new recipes as your hobby, you know how exciting it can be to explore new flavors, experiment with different techniques, and create delicious meals from scratch. And with a recipe book for culinary adventures, you can take your passion for cooking to the next level. 

  1. 9. Coffee maker for the perfect cup of Joe anytime she wants

After a busy day, in the midst of a busy routine, or just when you need a little pick-me-up, no matter what, a cup of coffee can be just what you need to uplift your mood. And with a coffee maker by your side, you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee without any of the hassle or mess of manual brewing. No more grinding beans, measuring grounds, or dealing with paper filters! 

Gifts for fur moms

  1. 10. Pet carrier for traveling with her furry baby

If your pet is a beloved member of your family and you like to take them along on all of your adventures - with that comes the need ensuring their safety, comfort, and security while traveling. That's where a reliable pet carrier comes in handy, allowing you to carry your pet on your back or over your shoulder while keeping them close and secure while on the go.

Gifts for the fitness enthusiast momma

  1. 11. Fitness tracker to stay on top of things

Get the gift of health and wellness this Mother's Day with this fitness tracker. This would be your go-to workout accessory while you plan to stay on top of your fitness goals be it tracking your steps, monitoring heart rate, or keeping tabs on your sleep patterns. 

  1. 12. Yoga mat for mind-body connection

For the mom who does it all, give the gift of zen, a yoga gear this mother’s day. This premium mat provides the perfect balance of comfort and support, allowing you to focus on your practice without worrying about slips or discomfort.

Gifts for adventurous moms

  1. 13. Backpack to stay organized on the go

Are you a mom who's always on the go, juggling a million different things at once? Get your hands on this ultimate backpack to keep everything you need for yourself and your kids organized and easily accessible, from snacks and drinks to diapers and wipes.  

  1. 14. Chic sunglasses for sunny days

You deserve to look and feel your best on sunny days and nothing says "cool" quite like a pair of chic sunglasses. Whether it be lounging by the pool or strolling through the park, take on the day with style! 

Gifts to make your home chaos-free

  1. 15. Storage bins for clutter-free space

Does your personality replicate Monica from Friends who loves a clean and clutter-free home? Then you know the importance of storage solutions. And that's where storage bins come in handy! These practical and versatile containers can help you organize everything from clothes to toys, books to kitchen supplies.

Macy’s Gift card

If you're already happy and satisfied with everything you have, or looking to splurge on something special, the Macy's gift card is the perfect choice to add to your registry.


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