From Housewarmings to Graduations – Glassware as Colorful as Your Life

From Housewarmings to Graduations – Glassware as Colorful as Your Life

Summer brings so many big and small life steps – moving, graduating, moving and graduating. Even dinner parties can feel like the opportunity to celebrate. And when there’s a celebration, there’s going to be someone handing you a gift to help you launch into this new phase. But instead of another generic candle to add to your pile of generic candles, your gift lists lets people know exactly what you want. So as trends come and go, you can keep it updated and know that the gifts you get are going to suit your life. This summer what we’re seeing on so many registries is colorful glass – from serving pitchers to rainbows of wine glasses and bright espresso cups, everything glassware is colorful.


If you like the idea of colorful glass but want to make sure everything in your home coordinates with your carefully chosen neutrals, these are the right choices for you. Trendy but classic. 


You’re leaning all the way into the trend! We’re going bright, we’re going every color at once, we’re going funky shapes. If you’re going to do colorful - stand out! 


If you’re trendy but don’t want to reserve it for wine and cocktail glasses, these are for you! 

With so many beautiful choices, you want to make sure that whatever you’re getting is going to be something you can share with the people who got it for you for a long time, not let it hide in the closet collecting dust. Keep your gift list on trend every season.


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