6 Things to do in Spring with your Friends and Family

6 Things to do in Spring with your Friends and Family

Daylight savings time has arrived. Spring is in the air. It's the perfect time to take advantage of that extra hour of daylight to accomplish more. But more of what? Everything we say. Get outdoors more. Entertain with friends more. Get more home projects done. Spring is the time of year when the world is reborn and the perfect time for you to renew whatever you’ve put on hold over the winter. 

MyRegistry.com is all about enabling the connection between what you want, and what you love to do, and your friends and family rallying to support you. This blog is chock full of ideas about things to do in spring, items that can get friends to rally around you, and how you can rally around your loved ones! 

Getting outside more.

Did you know that the most significant source of vitamin D is through exposure to sunlight? When the skin is exposed to UV rays from the sun, it triggers the body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy, improving our moods, and preventing diseases. Over the winter months our stores of vitamin D get depleted. As it warms up, we can shed the layers outside and the body naturally starts creating more vitamin D. Here are three great ideas to spend more time outside this spring.

Have a picnic in the park. Pack a bag with all your favorite goodies, grab a blanket with waterproof lining, bring some lawn games, and a bluetooth portable speaker. If you’ve got kids, bring the stroller, a shade tent, and some portable chairs. Invite another family to join you!

Go for a hike. Grab a pair of sturdy hiking boots and a day pack. Make sure the day pack is big enough to carry a handful of supplies with some extra pockets. Don’t forget to pack a lightweight water repellent windbreaker or jacket, spring weather can change suddenly so be prepared. A walking stick will help keep your balance over rocky terrain. Got a toddler? Throw them in a backpack baby carrier and let them enjoy the hike too!

Ride a bike. Nothing beats the feeling of the wind rushing across your face and through your hair while on two wheels. Put on your helmet, make sure it’s plenty ventilated to keep your head cool but also properly ANSI-rated to keep your noggin safe. Get a pair of sunglasses to keep your dust and bugs out of your eyes. Bike seats both front and rear are available to tote the little ones around. Or hitch on a trailer or a trailer bike so the older kids can ride along. Create a group ride. It’s safer to ride with a group than alone.

Do more around the house. 

Spring is the perfect time to begin all the home projects you’ve been putting off. From complex things like building a new deck or patio to straightforward things like painting the living room, there are always house improvements you can make. But, let's face it, tackling a project alone can be daunting. So, how can you get your friends and family to support your efforts? 

Have a DIY Party. Invite your loved ones over for a DIY party. Pick a project that can be done in a relatively short time frame – or can be broken into multiple steps. A fresh coat of paint around the house is a perfect choice. You’ll need a ladder, rollers, brushes, drop cloths, and painters tape. When your friends arrive, not only will you have an opportunity to spend quality time, but your project will also turn into a memorable experience. Have some snacks and drinks on hand, and make sure to take plenty of breaks to chat and catch up. 

Prep for summer BBQs. Your outdoor space whether deck or patio is a home feature that you’ll want to make sure is ready to go for the coming sun and fun. A gas grill, charcoal grill or fire pit will make sure that you’ll have the heat and smoke to grill the tastiest burgers and dogs in the neighborhood. A fresh coat of water repellent paint or stain on the deck will keep the wood looking great and lasting longer. Or grab a power washer and power away the grime that has deposited since last fall. Once the space is refreshed, turn on the grill and crack open some beers, your helpers will love the appreciation.

Build a jungle gym. The backyard belongs to the kiddos, so give them a treat that makes it all their own. Whether you buy a prefabricated gym or design one yourself, putting a jungle gym together takes teamwork, planning, and some tools. A socket set and wrenches will come in handy, as will Phillips or flathead screwdrivers. You can make it easier with a portable battery powered drill with appropriate drill bits. An auger to dig holes for supports and cement the structure to the ground to keep it sturdy and level. With a little forethought, and hard work, the jungle gym will not only be a great place to play, it will last a long time and look great. Now your home can be the place where the kids want to play. 

Support is contagious.

No matter what personal projects or things you do in spring when you get support, make the effort to return the favor. Let your family and friends know how you’ll support them – and how they can support you to make sure all your target tasks are checked off. And no matter how they assist you, they’ll appreciate being a part of motivating you, and they’ll be motivated in turn by you, so be ready to help them. The desire to help spreads naturally when help is freely given.


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