Top Eco-Friendly Gifts Couples Want On Their Registries For Earth Day

Top Eco-Friendly Gifts Couples Want On Their Registries For Earth Day, women taking food plat in hand

Calling all tree-huggers! Whether you’ve been on the sustainable wave for years or are just taking those first steps into the realm of recycling – what better time to look for products that align with your values as a couple than on Earth Day. 

Nowadays, figuring out just how “green” you want to go can be overwhelming. Especially for all our brides and grooms-to-be, the last thing you want to worry about is if the gifts that you’re adding to your wedding registry are green enough. But we’re here to help! Here is a list of just a few of our favorite eco-friendly wedding gifts that would make perfect additions to your wedding registry! 

Best Eco-friendly Kitchenware

You always hear the saying that the kitchen is the heart of any home. So why wouldn’t you want to treat your heart well?  The Caraway Cookware Set is free of the chemicals that are typically used in other nonstick cookware and instead feature an aluminum core, stainless steel handles and a ceramic coating! Every piece is oven safe up 550º and the set includes a frying pan, a sauce pan, a sauté pan, a dutch oven and even a cabinet insert to store them all! Plus it comes in seven colors that will match anyone’s taste. 

What better way to bring your love of the earth from the outdoors to the indoors than with this Teak Root Serving Bowl from Terrain. Hand crafted and food safe, this elegant bowl is not only one of a kind (due to the variances in the wood grain) but incredibly versatile. When you’re not using it for serving, it makes a great tabletop piece in any room to always keep a little bit of nature close.

One of the biggest trends in sustainability right now is made-to-order. A great way to eliminate waste is by keeping an eye out for products that are only ordered or made once you make your purchase. That is exactly what Nicole-Rhea does with these beautiful artisan stoneware plates. Handcrafted to order in Phoenix, Arizona, this set of four salad plates provide a pop of color that fit with any home aesthetic.

Best Eco-friendly Housewares 

Whether you use it for meditation, to prop your feet up after a long day exploring the outdoors, or just as an extra seat, this ottoman filled with eco-friendly organic spelt husk makes a great addition to your registry. Available with a sewn in handle to easily transport as well as the option for a zipper to help with easy removal and cleaning!

This duvet cover, which is offered in both a deep blue and a warm beige, is sustainably made and woven out of yard dyed 100% organic cotton. The detailed pattern - inspired by a vintage African ikat textile - is woven into the fabric in a heavier weight yarn and the interior flap is fastened with hidden coconut shell buttons.

Adding this macrame table runner to your registry will immediately make it the centerpiece of all your cottage core inspired table settings. Handwoven and made of 100% cotton, you’ll be able to use this all year round, indoor and outdoor, as a durable, stylish accessory. 

Best Eco-friendly Products for Outdoors 

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this artisan crafted Gardeners Pot will look beautiful in your garden, on your patio or just in your home! The pot is partially glazed, but features a clear glaze on the lower half of the outside that allows the natural clay body to shine through.


Your four-legged friends are as much a part of your family as you and your partner, so why not throw them a bone in your wedding registry too! This backpack is made just for animals up to 20 lbs., is easy to clean and is perfect for exploring the great outdoors near or far, together.

Whether you’re a homebody or out exploring nature, these eco-friendly gifts to add to your wedding registry are perfect ways to celebrate this Earth Day!

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