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Wayward Whiskers — Spay It Forward Campaign

Wayward Whiskers is a non-profit (501c-3), all volunteer, animal rescue dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of abused, abandoned, and neglected homeless cats and kittens and placing them in loving, permanent homes while promoting and educating the general public on animal welfare. Our organization area currently serves Southwestern Pennsylvania and surrounding communities as a resource for animal adoption, free or low-cost veterinary services, and animal education. Since our origin in 2015, Wayward Whiskers has found homes to over 6,000 cats in our area as well as provided veterinary services for close to 10,000 cats and dogs that are either strays or belong to financially struggling families.

Our goal is to improve the care of community animals through the expansion of our spay/neuter, adoption, and education programs. It has become urgently apparent in our area that there is a lack of resources for free or low-cost veterinary care for both fellow local animal welfare organizations and low-income families. Due to this issue, our area is experiencing a significant increase in overpopulation and capacity at no-kill animal rescues. To help aid in this situation, Wayward Whiskers wants to expand its spay and neuter program by establishing a high volume, low-cost veterinary clinic, Spay It Forward, opening in February 2022.

To aid in establishing our spay/neuter clinic, we are seeking donations of supplies and equipment. Any of these items donated or discounted for purchase would be immensely appreciated. All donations are tax deductible as both Wayward Whiskers and Spay It Forward are 501c-3 organizations.

Any support is much appreciated!
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