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Friday, June 16, 2023
Pride Prom is an opportunity for LGBTQIA+ youth to attend a *real* prom with pride - dress however they are most comfortable and dance without fear with whomever they choose! Our Student Ambassadors have selected a New York State of Mind as their theme because Broadway, the Rockettes, and the towering Queen in her Crown scream gay, gay, gay which must be sung from the rooftops... with jazz hands!

Beginning in 2017, the 1st regional Pride Prom proudly hosted over 200 youth from nearly 35 high schools spanning 5 counties! Pride Prom provides the region's LGBTQIA+ youth (and their friends!) with a magical experience that rivals the traditional school-sponsored proms while ensuring a welcoming and safe atmosphere. We find it unacceptable that any youth feel excluded from the prom experience without compromising their true selves. Pride Prom is unique, in that it is boasts education, compassion, action AND celebration. In addition to a traditional dance, we also provide:

▪ EDUCATION – Students have the unique opportunity to connect with LGBTQ-affirming organizations which provide social, medical, and mental health support to youth in Northern Virginia and beyond.
▪ COMPASSION – We ensure a quiet space for students who need to take a break or speak to our volunteer mental health professionals as anxiety has been reported by students attending their first dance or experiencing dysphoria.
▪ ACTION – Students apply to serve as Pride Prom Leaders who work from December through May creating their prom while learning advocacy skills which they are encouraged to turn into action within their communities.
▪ CELEBRATION – Pride Prom is fun! Students routinely report that it is their favorite day of the year and that they cannot wait for next year’s event! Adult chaperones and volunteers are equally delighted watching the attendees have the time of their lives.

We invite you to be part of the magic. <3
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