Hot, New, Must-Have Products from the ABC Kids Expo

Hot, New, Must-Have Products from the ABC Kids Expo, Blurred image of people shopping in a warehouse store with many lights.

Each year, the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas showcases brand-new, up-and-coming baby products. We attended the 2018 show last week, and what we saw was AMAZING! From toys, to teethers, to high chairs, to high-tech baby gear, here’s the lowdown on everything you NEED to put on your baby registry ASAP.

Sago Mini 2-in-1 Fold Up Pillow Playset

At first, it just looks like a minimalist throw pillow. But it’s also a hidden kitchen play set with vivid details, secret pockets, and plush accessories to encourage creative play! Your child can easily unfold it and use the plush frying pan, egg, bread, and banana to tell his or her own stories. When not in use, the pillow is a stylish addition to any sofa, bed, or playroom. Best of all for Mom and Dad? It’s machine washable! .

Chomp ‘n Chews Finger Teether

It’s the teether you put on your finger, and a fun new way for you to interact with baby! The Chomp 'n Chews teether provides textured surfaces for your baby to bite and gnaw on as he or she gets those baby teeth. It’s designed with raised offset surfaces that help teeth grow in by gently massaging and soothing infants gums. It comes in lion and butterfly shapes sized for maximum effectiveness. BPA-free and made with 100% food-grade silicone.

RockerMama Ready Rocker

The Ready Rocker from RockerMama turns any chair, bench, or wall into a comfortable rocker, so you can rock your little one anywhere, anytime. It’s made of quality, durable materials that are supportive, yet soft to the touch. The ergonomic design provides support, comfort, and the perfect bounce for both mama and baby. The Ready Rocker takes the strain off your back and joints to make rocking more enjoyable. Best of all, it’s lightweight and portable—perfect for any on-the-go-parent. Store it easily in your closet or under your bed.


Protect somebunny you love from table corners, edges, and other potentially harmful surfaces with the BunnyRappit. It’s the first nontoxic, strong, yet soft product that provides the ultimate protection for kids. Made of high-quality and extremely durable foam rubber, the BunnyRappit prevents toddlers and young children from getting injured by coming into contact with unsafe surfaces. Just peel off and stick it to virtually any surface, and rest easy! Its modular and symmetrical shape allows for a limitless variety of placements all around the house.

Raybaby Baby Monitor

Built on an unparalleled AI platform, the Raybaby Baby Monitor is intuitive and molded to your baby's sleep and respiration. Its powerful algorithm keeps you up-to-date on baby’s sleep patterns, and even offers recommendations on how their development can be optimized. It works from up to five feet away, and can track even the tiniest variations in breathing—even in the dark or when baby is swaddled! And you can control and keep track of it all on the smartphone app, which keeps a journal of baby’s sleep and breathing patterns, and gives you access to HD video, two-way audio, and even a memory book.

Rachel’s Remedy Down There Relief Pack

New moms: this one’s for you! Hemorrhoids, episiotomies, perineal pain, and postpartum discomfort can stop you in your tracks. But the Down There Relief Pack from Rachel’s Remedy is so soothing, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. It’s specially contoured to get to those hard-to-reach spots, and you can sit right on the gel pack for discreet relief. It can be used hot or cold to soothe pain, itching, and swelling.

Biiby Breastfeeding Bib

Introducing the first-ever breastfeeding bib! Made up of three layers of bamboo fabric—that is three to four times more absorbent than cotton—Biiby catches breast milk that leaks out during breastfeeding and pumping. It’s super soft and feels like a combination of silk and cotton. It’s multifunctional and can also be used as a burp cloth or a burp pad! It can even withstand multiple feedings throughout the day before being washed, and is great for babies with sensitive skin.

The Baby Toon Elephant Spoon

Invented by a fourth grader in Hawaii, the Baby Toon is a safer option for a baby spoon that eliminates the long, sharp design of a traditional spoon. Made out of 100% soft FDA grade silicone with rounded corners and edges, it’s gentle on baby’s gums, and the patented design is easy for babies and parents to hold with a short neck that protects babies from choking. They’ll love the fun elephant shape, and it’s so soft, they can even teethe on it! Choose from either pink or blue.

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