Small-Space Nursery Solutions with Style to Spare

Small-Space Nursery Solutions with Style to Spare, 50-sq.-ft. nursery, designed by Lisa Janvrin

Don't have a lot of space to set up your new baby's bedroom? A professional nursery designer shares expert tips to get you started and get you the nursery of your dreams.

MyRegistry contributing writer Lisa Janvrin is the founder of YouthfulNest, an e-design experience dedicated to room designs for babies and children. Learn more about YouthfulNest design services.
There are several things parents might struggle with as they embark on designing a nursery for their new baby, including the budget, product knowledge, and limited space. Today I want to talk about having a small room, or just part of a larger room, to carve out a space for baby.

First, there’s no reason to stress about a smaller space. Having less room isn’t going to keep you from confidently caring for your newborn. Whether you're working with a YouthfulNest designer or creating the room on your own, there are many small-home and apartment-living solutions out there, and with a bit of planning, you’re sure to come up with something that works for your family.

And in terms of style, there’s no reason to skimp. Just take a look at the following pieces I recommend for saving on space. Ranging from minimalist and modern to more traditional, there’s something to fit every vision.


Let’s start with the basics. There are three nursery “must-haves”: the changer, the glider, and the crib. For these items you want to be extra careful to review the product dimensions, then check them against your space. We love looking to European brands for tiny-living solutions. Since homes in Europe are typically smaller than in the States, their products are naturally a better fit.



Alternative: If there truly is no space for a glider, this portable Ready Rocker by Rockermama is the perfect compromise.


Double Up

One of the biggest ways to fit in everything you want, or need, is to pick pieces and products that are multi-functional. A pouf isn’t just fluff. You go through physical wear and tear during pregnancy and postpartum, and using a footrest will improve blood circulation in your legs. We love a pouf that lets you put your feet up and also hide away extras like blankets, toys, or pumping supplies.

Another solution to make your life easier in a small nursery is skipping a changing table altogether. Instead, find the right dresser—one you can keep when transitioning to a toddler room is ideal. Then top it with one of the new wipe-clean changer styles. With this setup you’ll save on both space and time doing laundry.

Pouf + Storage

Dresser + Changer



Up the Wall

My favorite small-space tip is to free up precious floor space by going vertical with functional storage. That means skipping the bulky side table and bookcase in favor of something that can be anchored to the wall. You can find wall storage for stowing everything from clothing to books, video cameras, toiletries, and more.

Display Storage


Side Tables

About the writer
Lisa Janvrin is the founder of YouthfulNest, an e-design experience dedicated to room designs for babies and children. A self-described design addict, Lisa worked in the design industry for more than 20 years before founding YouthfulNest, where she has helped hundreds of families prepare for their new baby with stress-free nursery planning. Lisa guides parents in creating the perfect nursery or kid’s room for their unique space, style, and budget by offering designs for full-sized and small-space nurseries, along with a range of product suggestions, from modern to traditional, high-end splurges to budget-friendly nursery finds. As a travel enthusiast and experience junkie, Lisa has lived and worked around the world, including NYC and Charlotte, NC, Florence, Istanbul, and Moscow, taking inspiration for the nurseries and children’s rooms she now designs for clients across the U.S. and beyond.

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