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The Benefits of a Anthropologie Wedding Registry

Anthropologie has everything a newlywed couple needs! Build your own Anthropologie wedding or bridal gift registry with products from their vast assortment of stylishly unique furniture, home decor, dishware, and bedding. They have hundreds of unique handcraftedpieces to add to any home. These finds have a flair of antique charm and make a statement that any homeowner would love. Create an Anthropologie Wedding Registry and sync it to your MyRegistry.com account to take advantage of all of the great benefits Anthropologie has to offer newlywed couples. Look below to see all their great registry benefits.
  • Mobile Registry

    Anthropologie has a mobile app that lets shoppers easily add items to their registry. The app also has a scanning feature that allows the shopper to add items to the registry by scanning an item in any Anthropologie store.
  • "Wishbone" Wrapping Options

    At Anthropologie, registry items are eligible for a special $4 gift wrap called the “wishbone” wrap. This will add a special touch to your purchase and put an even bigger smile on the newlyweds’ faces.
  • Active for Extra Time

    In case not everything on your registry is purchased before your big day, Anthropologie will leave your registry active for a full year following your event.
  • Gift Cards

    Anthropologie offers great options for registry couples and guests, including e-gift cards for last-minute gifts and standard gift cards that can be given either as a group gift or because there are just too many great options to choose from.