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Already have a MyRegistry.com account? It’s easy to turn your wedding registry into a charity registry! Just use the MyRegistry.com browser button to connect the donation pages of your favorite organizations to your gift list.

If you are getting married and would like your guests to make charitable contributions instead of buying you gifts, you can make it easy for them with a charitable wedding registry at MyRegistry.com. All you have to do is set up a FREE wedding registry and then add a direct link to the charity’s donation page using the “Add to MyRegistry”browser button. Donations are tax deductible, so your guests can feel good while doing good. With our charitable wedding registry, you can also set up a cash gift fund in the name of your favorite charity and let friends and family contribute that way. Both are great options for couples who already have everything they need, but know their friends will want to celebrate their event with a gift.
If you are affiliated with a charity or organization, and are looking to create a wish list for the things that your organization needs, you can also benefit from using MyRegistry.com. Create a FREE universal wish list and add one or more cash gift funds to support your initiatives. You can also use the“Add to MyRegistry” browser button to request items and supplies. Your MyRegistry.com wish list can be displayed on your website, and you can even share your customwish list URL with potential contributors so they can access it directly. To create an Organization/Nonprofit account at MyRegistry.com, click here.
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