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Svetlana Novikov

Welcome to my gift list.

I created this registry list so I can just send the same wishlist to everyone, and people have the option to mark things as purchased so there are no duplicate presents (an issue I had last year).

You will see a picture of the item, with some extra information like size, color, etc, and a link to the website that sells it. You can buy some of these items at the physical stores instead if you prefer, and you can still mark them as purchased on here afterwards. All of the prices listed on these items are what the prices were when I added them to the list. If you click on the link or find the item in store, the price may be cheaper. Some of these items are pricey (especially that air fryer), so please do not buy unless they are on sale. If there is an 'i' information icon on the listing, check it for more info.

It's a long list, but this doesn't mean I want and expect every gift. I just like to give a lot of options so there's still some surprise when opening gifts each year. If there's anything I absolutely need this Christmas, I will indicate that.

When you have bought the item in store or online, click 'BUY NOW', then click 'I bought this gift already', then click the button 'ANOTHER STORE' and fill in the info (you can just type in gibberish for all the fields, it doesn't matter). If you want to avoid putting in your email, use my spare "". I do not check this email so I will not see who bought what gift. To finish, hit the 'SUBMIT' button.

Any additional little presents that I have not added to this list: socks (ankle or crew cut), tea towels, and body washes (sweet scents).

To see the list, press the little gift box icon at the top.
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