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Rahul Anamala

Monday, December 12, 2022
Hello Guys,
So I've chosen a list of items from not-so-expensive to decent-ly expensive.
Please feel free to get whatever you want.
Multiple items are also fine.
If you don't want to get me anything that's also fine. I am more than grateful to have you in my life and that's all that matters.
This is just to avoid the possibility of stressing you out plus you'd be getting me something I'd actually want.
If someone has got one time, there is a small button called PURCHASED. The number beside that button goes up by 1. Pay attention to it.
P.S thanks for bearing with me. The gifts wont arrive in time for my b'day but that's okay. Chill out. Breathe (this advice is mostly for myself. Please ignore.)
You’ll notice that Rahul has added items from Etsy, but our members can add items from literally any store! That’s the beauty of having a universal registry at MyRegistry.com.
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