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This is Pilthai here, and I'm going to college in August! I'll be studying Aviation Science (Flight Pilot) at the Florida Institute of Technology, also called FIT. The picture included is on-campus in Melbourne, FL, it's super beautiful there and the school is better than any school we've looked at for my studies. I will be participating in the Fast Track Program, so I will spend 5 years at FIT and achieve my Master's along with my Undergraduates degree simultaneously. This will be one of the biggest steps I will take in my life, and I would appreciate your help!

As excited as I am, I can't say that I am very prepared. To provide any help, I would appreciate it considerably if you took the time to look through any gifts that I've added to my list. My address is included and there are instructions on the gifts that require additional selections (for my preference). Again, I couldn't thank you enough for helping me out and if a gift is too much, there is a College Fund that can receive any monetary amount: from $1 to $1M! Much love, Pilthai <3
Please pay attention to the description of each item. You will see how many times an item was purchased and how many of each item I desire. The price will be in the bottom left of each item box. When purchasing an item, copy the address that is presented before you leave the website. Then, enter my address as the preferred destination. I will leave my address down below as well.

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Pilthai Derosier (or your name)
5646 Caranday Palm Dr
Lake Worth, FL
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