Welcome to the Housewarming Gift List of

Liz & Pedro Quezada Bernal

Sunday, July 10, 2022
Hello Advent Family,

Thank you for helping this sweet family move into their new home! Please note that the items on the Registry are simply GUIDELINES for what this family needs!

You CAN purchase an item at a different store or donate gently used items!!! If you do that, then you can click the item that you purchased and note that you got it from a different store. That way we know it has been donated and we won't get duplicates. But please know that gently used items are totally fine to donate.

Items purchased online will ship to Angel's home and she'll deliver them to Liz and Pedro. Items purchased or donated from elsewhere can be brought to the church and we will deliver them to Liz and Pedro.

Feel free to email Angel if you have ANY questions or issues. Thank you!

Liz & Pedro
You’ll notice that Liz & Pedro has added items from Amazon, Costco, Target, and Walmart. That’s the beauty of having a registry at MyRegistry.com—our members can add items from literally any store!
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