Welcome to the Christmas Gift List of

Emily Watson


Welcome to My 2022 Christmas List Extravaganza Extraordinaire™! Am I using a baby registry website for my Christmas List? Yes!! I've collected a wide variety of things that I've been wanting for a while here and thought I'd go ahead and use it as a general Christmas list. I listed my wants/needs/aesthetics in separate categories for clothes, bags, hobbies, decor, and utility, so it can be at least a little fun to explore. There's a lot of high priced stuff on here; please let it be known that this list is mainly for ME to know what I want to buy going into the next few months - a personal checklist that I figured I'd share. So I say, very genuinely: NO PRESSURE. My taste in basic commodities is terribly pricey and I know it. Anyways, I hope this list helps with inspiration for my likes or can act as an easy click n' buy for my busy family. Happy browsing!

Emily Watson
You’ll notice that Emily has added items from Amazon and Etsy. That’s the beauty of having a registry at MyRegistry.com—our members can add items from literally any store!
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