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CJ Thayer Dan Thayer

Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Hi! We have tried adding some ideas for the kids on this page.

In general: MJ love baking, cooking, science, and anything where she can create. J love cooking, trains, building, and creating things as well! And they both love any and all make believe play. As for clothing MJ is in size 7 clothes and J is in size 3 for now buy quickly growing into 4.

We are also looking into summer camp and swim lessons and summer adventures for them both so you can feel free to contribute to that fund! (PayPal, Venmo, cashapp).

There’s also a lovevery registry linked for J, those are toys delivered every few months that help to push him developmentally.
You’ll notice that CJ & Dan have added items from Amazon, but our members can add items from literally any store! That’s the beauty of having a universal registry at MyRegistry.com.
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