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Cynthea Carrington

Hi, everyone,

As you may know, we purchased a beautiful historic home in Walnut Hills, here in Dayton Ohio and will be moving in at the end of May.  We have set our housewarming party for June 25, 2016 so that we have time to request the day off ahead of time.  We'd love to see any of you for the occasion. We have no expectation for our friends to buy us things for our new house, but since a few people have asked what kinds of things we need we decided to go ahead and share our wishlist through  There are not a huge number of things that we don't have. We definitely don't need knicknacks and things to just sit around (with the exception of a couple of things) so we are mostly happier to have items that are consumable or that will be used up and then be gone.
Zoom Legacy Studio Décor Triple Slot Mail Organizer with Key Hooks & Mason Jar, Distressed Off White: Office Products
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