The Best Christmas Gift Idea is Self Expression

the best christmas Gift Idea is Self Expression

How a Gift List connects who you are, to those you love. 

We all seek self-expression in the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the shops we frequent. This holiday season the best gift ideas (for mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.) are the ones that reflect who they are. Gift Lists connect the giver to YOU. It isn’t selfish to express your authentic self in a gift list.

Self-expression, authenticity and the search for truth are the hallmarks of Gen Z. People today want to align their uniqueness with the things they buy, the places they go, and the causes they support. 

We agree wholeheartedly with self-expression and authenticity – particularly when it comes to gifting at the holidays. What you want is an expression of who you are and receiving what you want at the holidays is the best gift of all.


Your Gift List Expresses You

Making a list of the things you want is a timeless, natural activity. We do it all the time. At the holidays it is best represented by kids and their Dear Santa letters. Parents LOVE to share their kids santa letters , because they KNOW it shows their child’s individuality. Why can't we feel the same as adults? 

A Gift List is an opportunity to share who you are and what you are all about with your friends and family – by helping them know great gift ideas for you!  You can create a sharable & shoppable Gift List and let them know not only what, but also where, they can find the product for you!

Setting up a Gift List is extremely simple. Just a few clicks and you can start adding goods from any store, anywhere. You can even add something cool you see in your favorite local shop – scan the barcode and enter the store's info and – it’s on your Gift List. 

The Gift of the List

The Gift List isn’t a selfish act. It’s a kindness that you give to all those you care about – and they should reciprocate. This holiday season, the Gift List is the ultimate tool for self-expression – and it ensures that what you receive is something that reflects who you are – and that’s the best gift idea of all.


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