What Is a Universal Graduation Wish List?

What Is a Universal Graduation Wish List? A girl in a graduation gown blowing confetti out of her hands.

Most people associate gift registries with weddings and babies. But we all know those aren’t the only special occasions in our lives. Graduating from high school or college is a huge milestone—and a very good reason to celebrate with family and friends.

The transition from high school to college, or college to the “real world,” requires some preparation and some new things, both for setting up a living space and setting oneself up for success in study or work.

That’s where a Graduation Wish List comes in.

So What Is a Wish List?

A Wish List is a modern gift registry—handy, shareable, and shoppable—that can be created for any gift-giving occasion, including high school or college graduation. A Wish List is also convenient for curating all your favorite things onto one list, ready and waiting for you when you want to share—or just treat yourself!

Why Create a Wish List?

Simply put, a Wish List makes it easy to organize needed (and wanted) items for yourself and help out those who want to celebrate with you.

Because we’ve all experienced the gift-giver’s dilemma: You’re invited to a traditional gift-giving event, and you’re stumped. You want to bring a gift, but you have no idea what. You don’t want to ask, and you don’t want to give something that won’t be appreciated—or worse, will be returned. How much better for everyone if there was a list to refer to—in this case, a list created by the graduate?

That simple solution to a common problem is the origin of MyRegistry.

What Makes a Wish List Universal?

With a Universal Wish List, you can easily add gifts from any store—both online and brick-and-mortar. Create a homey space with comfortable bedding and other personal items, set up good work habits with the right tech and other supplies, even stock up on healthy munchies to keep you going.

If a grad already has a college or post-college registry at a mega retailer, like Target, Amazon, or Bed Bath & Beyond, it can be synced onto a Universal Wish List. It’s also easy to add gifts from smaller specialty stores or local offline shops as well. There really are no limits!

In addition to much-needed “things,” graduates can create a Cash Gift Fund to receive donations toward larger purchases like a new laptop for college or a security deposit on that first “real apartment.”

That’s a wide world of choice open to you. And that’s “universal”: everything aggregated in one place—easy for you to manage, easy for your friends and family to shop for you.

Add Gifts with Ease

With MyRegistry, you have the freedom to choose any item, from anywhere. We’ve designed a user-friendly platform that makes it a snap to add gifts to a Graduation Wish List in three ways:

  • Add to MyRegistry.com Button: Our browser extension button allows graduates to browse online, and when they find something they want, they click. Easy as that, the gift is on the Wish List.
  • MyRegistry.com App: Barcode-scanning technology lets graduates shopping in a physical store add items to a Wish List via smartphone. Nice!
  • Simple Syncing: Existing gift lists with every major retailer can be synced to show up on a MyRegistry Graduation Wish List. That way, you get both the benefits of a Universal Wish List and the perks of a registry with stores like Target, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond, including completion discounts, price match guarantees, and more. Good deal for you!

Sharing Is Caring

With a Graduation Wish List, everyone benefits. Graduates can get specific about what they want, and family and friends can shop in just one place. Once a Wish List has been set up, it can easily be shared with friends and family via customized URL or social media.

Making it easy for people to get the gifts they want is behind everything we do at MyRegistry.com. That means you can give and get the perfect gift every time with a Universal Graduation Wish List.

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