One Simple Secret Santa Gift Idea to Make Everyone Happy This Holiday

Tired of wasting time and money on Secret Santa gift ideas or white elephant gift ideas that no one cares about? This year use a Gift List to make yourself and every Secret Santa happy! 

You’re not alone if you dread the workplace Secret Santa or your family’s White Elephant exchange.  Nobody likes doing Secret Santa at work.

These collegial or family events are meant for holiday fun and enjoyment. But there’s always that one co-worker who didn’t read the memo and spends more (or less) than they should. Or the uncle who buys lotto tickets. So, it can be an awkward and embarrassing ritual.

This holiday season wouldn’t it be MORE fun if everyone got a little something they actually wanted and you didn’t have to call HR?

Well, they can. How? A Secret Santa Gift List, that's how. 

Gift Lists are shareable and shoppable lists of great gift ideas that you get to choose – from any store, anywhere. So when everyone creates and shares their Gift Lists with colleagues or family they share a reflection of who they are, and Secret Santa becomes an event everyone looks forward to – not avoids.

A few tips for using Gift Lists for Secret Santa

  • After the rules of the group’s Secret Santa Gift Exchange are laid out (date of exchange, spend limit, etc), let everyone know to create and add appropriate gifts to their gift list 
  • Collect the Gift List links from all participants and puts them in a spreadsheet 
  • Draw the names for the Secret Santa pairings 
  • Make the Gift List links available to the group
  • Have participants refer to the Gift List of their Secret Santa partner to pick the gift(s)
  • Keep it a secret…
  • Everyone gets a little gift that they want…putting everyone in the holiday spirit.

As a final thought, research has shown that the thought that goes into choosing the gift makes the gift more meaningful. What this really means is you’ve taken the time to get to know the person to whom you’re giving the gift. You can really get to know someone by looking at their Gift List. 

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