Beyond Best Intentions: How Gift Lists Generate Your Christmas Gift Ideas

Gift Lists are purposely intentional for both parties. To the giver, they say, “I respect you enough that I don’t want you wasting time and money.” To the recipient, “I want you to be happy and receive a gift from me with joy and delight.”

Every holiday season we look for the best gift ideas for women or gift ideas for mom or dad, our siblings or other loved ones with the intention of finding the perfect gift. The one that WE think they’ll want. 

Maybe we’ll ask - what do you want for the holidays? All too often we hear “world peace” or “personal happiness.” Wonderful. “But, I wanted to know what you want to receive from ME.”

It is Psychological

The psychology of gifting has demonstrated that the giver often receives greater pleasure than the recipient. There is something about creating joy in someone else especially during the holiday season. If that is the case, it is strong evidence for having a Gift List and sharing it. Because it will show the giver exactly how to make the intended recipient happy. The “Gift” of the Gift List is about increasing the joy in giving and receiving. 

A December to Remember

How many holiday gifts do you cherish, remember, or still use? Perhaps it was something on a list to Santa when you were a child. Maybe you begged your parents for a video game console. Did you share a secret desire for something outrageous and receive it?  

Imagine being able to say that every gift you get is memorable and wanted. The Gift List provides the channel to share what you want with those you love and helps them prepare for their holiday shopping. With Gift Lists givers still get to enjoy the gift giving process of getting into the mind of their target recipient. Only this time they get to give a gift the recipient actually wants. 

Our Gift for you is the Gift List

This holiday season let’s give everyone a reason to celebrate and enjoy the exchange of gifts. Let the giver be pleased they chose something the recipient wanted and the recipient rejoice that they don’t have to feign excitement over another ugly sweater from their favorite aunt.

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