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Jessica Schappacher & Brandon Withey

Wedding Registry

July 31st, 2017
My Lords and Ladies, pray attend!  Brandon, known to those he holds dear as "The Hatter" has successfully wooed the wild and wiley Avalon (call her Jessica at your own peril).  Perhaps it was the company, perhaps it was the booze, perhaps they just don't stop you from doing something stupid at Chez D'Argent!  Whatever the reason, the fool fell upon bended knee and the addle-brained lass said yes!  

(We wonder if she misunderstood the question. >.> )

That being said, it is customary on your strange planet to bequeath gifts and such upon those being bound in the institution (Like a Sanitorium) of marriage.  But what to get?  Oh lads, no worries.. We got a right mighty list here for you to completely ignore!  Look it over, and then no doubt decide you know something oh so much better.

(Please note if the package is not fit to be opened in front of tender eyes... We'll ask the grooms parents to take a powder and tell the children they're giving out free candies down in the Trimaris camp)
Cash Gift
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