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Ben & Richard Aguilar Glupker

Ben & Richard Aguilar Glupker

Wedding Registry

October 10th, 2015
Ben and I are lucky in having most of what we need and while having new things is always fun and exciting we're both thrilled to start a family next year.
We know it won't be easy but we're hopeful and excited to start the process in 2016. So instead of doing a  traditional gift registry we're asking for and appreciate contributions to start the process for having our fist baby and second family member (Tyler Curtis Aguilar Glupker).  We came up with that name a little after one year of dating. The first family member is Mikah in case you're wondering :)
Please do not feel pressured to give anything - your friendship is more than enough. If you do give something please know we appreciate it and you're helping us start an incredible journey which will hopefully culminate into many holidays with 3 (if we're lucky) little kids running around.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in October.
Ben & Richard
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