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Best Tech Gifts of 2019,  an iphone and several other tech items charging.

As the year progresses, consumers start noticing which new products are worth a try. The must-have tech gear for home or office emerges and creates a buzz. This year is really turning out to be an exciting year in the tech world, as there are so many products out there designed to make life easier.

One particularly cool thing about these technological advancements is that many of them make great gifts for friends, coworkers and family members. But, how do you decide which are worth the purchase? No worries, we’ve narrowed the list of new tech we love down to five. (Yes, it was a challenge!) So, here they are: the best tech gifts you should check out this year.


Best Tech Gifts of 2019, Noom logo

Get healthy the high-tech way. One thing is certain: there are always new diet and exercise products hitting the market. However, Noom is a standout that takes advantage of the technology you already have to help you make a true lifestyle change. Noom is not a diet program, rather, it’s a tech-based way to help you (or a loved one) make lasting lifestyle changes. Noom will help you track current progress and encourage small but meaningful changes that can lead to a healthier lifestyle and weight loss. A subscription to this service makes an excellent, health-minded gift.


Tile Pro

Find things fast. When you lose your phone, it’s not hard to track it if you’re able to call it from someone else’s phone, right? Well, what if you had that same functionality for any other item, such as your keys, wallet or even your phone? The Tile Pro offers just that. Simply download the app, connect the Tile Pro to an item and the app will locate it if it’s missing. Can’t find your phone? No problem. You can tap the Tile Pro and like magic, your phone will ring. This makes a great gift for that loved one in your life who is always saying, “Now, where are my keys?”

iRobot Roomba 7

Make clean up a breeze. Vacuuming doesn’t have to be the chore you put off any longer. The iRobot Roomba 7, available at Bloomingdales, allows you to sit back and watch TV, read a book or work on a project while it takes care of the vacuuming for you. You can program it to clean on a schedule or decide to start it up when you notice the floors need a little maintenance. This little vacuum is a big help, which makes it a great gift. It’s like giving the gift of time to do other things rather than vacuum, and the bonus is they’ll have clean carpets without the physical effort.

Google Home Mini

Connect seamlessly with Google Home Mini. It’s a great choice for turning a regular house into a smart home. You can use this simple tool to activate many other connected products using only your voice. The Google Home Mini works alone or can be used with the Google Hub to help you smartify your house and make life much easier. With its easy setup, the Google Mini is a great choice for introducing a loved one to smart in-home devices. Available at Macy's.

Philips Hue Smart Bulb Starter Kit

Easy-to-control smart lighting. With so many households using Alexa, Google Home, and other smart tools, it only makes sense that lighting gets in on the action. The Philips Hue Smart Bulb Starter Kit is a simple way to control lighting using your wireless device or a voice-activated tool. This kit includes four bulbs and a base, which connects the lighting to your smart device. We think as a gift, it just makes someone’s life a little brighter, plus it could save on energy through better management of when light is really needed. Find it at Amazon.

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