The 15 Must-Have Gifts to Add to Your Wedding Registry

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If you’re not sure what to register for, read on for a list of wedding registry must-haves. Then round out your list with your own personal nice-to-haves…

When you create your wedding registry, you’re also creating a vision of your shared life together—a future surrounded by items that were handpicked by you, then lovingly gifted by friends and family.

As you consider what to include on your registry, think: must-haves, nice-to-haves, and items personal to you both. These days, almost anything goes when it comes to things to put on a wedding registry—as long as they’re things you both want. So feel free to get creative with your gift list. 

But while there’s room to go the non-traditional route, there are some items you simply don’t want to overlook. And because it helps to have a list, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best wedding registry items you should be sure to include on your registry, with a favorite option for each. You can add them right to your registry from here, or use them to spark your imagination… 

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The KitchenAid Artisan Mixer is wedding registry royalty. Not only is it up to any mixing, kneading, or whipping task, with its multiple attachments and stainless-steel handled bowl, but its retro style and rainbow of glossy colors mean it looks good just hanging out on the counter too.

Your registry is the perfect opportunity to upgrade from a collection of (possibly mismatched?) pots and pans to an actual cookware set. This Caraway set includes a fry pan, saucepan, Dutch oven, and saute pan, plus pan racks and a lid holder to keep everything tidy, and the color options are a nice modern touch.

Round out your cookware with a cast-iron skillet. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s designed to last forever (like your marriage). Be sure to register for this most versatile pan, ideal for searing meat, roasting vegetables, stir-frying, frying eggs, and more. 

Another wedding gift classic is a Dutch oven—a Le Creuset Dutch oven, to be exact. This kitchen icon is loved for everything from slow-cooking to baking, and it comes in all those enamel colors that will make you want to display it on the stovetop at all times.

The best wedding gifts have staying power. And when it comes to dinnerware, if you make a good versatile choice, you’ll love it for life. New Moon Dinnerware has asymmetrical lines inspired by the shape of a crescent moon, along with chic style perfect for both everyday and special occasions.

Flatware is another natural item to include on your registry, giving you an opportunity to pull together a larger but still cohesive set. You might go with timeless stainless steel, or consider something a little different, like this earthy set with faux-wood riveted handles.

Every kitchen needs a knife set, and this one has all the pieces a home cook will need, including six cooking knives, six steak knives, a sharpener, and a pair of kitchen shears, all contained in a classic butcher block.

Not your grandmother’s toaster, this high-speed smart toaster heats up and toasts way more quickly than a conventional version, with a touchscreen to choose toasting time and browning preference for breads, bagels, English muffins, waffles, and toaster pastries.

Envisioning an in-kitchen coffee bar? The Ninja DualBrew Pro has all the bells and whistles for at-home coffee making, and at a friendly price. Use it to make a regular cup of joe, iced coffee, or specialty drinks like frothy cappuccinos and lattes, all controlled by a touch screen.

As you invite family and friends to your home for holidays and other entertaining, you’ll be happy to have a proper bartending kit to mix cocktails. A stainless steel 16-piece set like this one has everything you’ll need, and it will never go out of style.

Even if your outdoor space is a patio or balcony, it will be nice to have the option of grilling for yourselves or friends. This Weber grill has user-friendly features like push-button ignition, a heat-control valve, a built-in thermometer, and fold-out work spaces on the sides, and the compact size makes it also good for picnicking.

What’s the hottest item on wedding registries? A smart vacuum. And the iRobot Roomba is so smart it learns your cleaning habits and suggests a schedule to keep dirt and dust under control, for both carpets and hard floors. It’s even Google Assistant and Alexa compatible, so you can chat with it.

Manifest future adventures—and feel couple-coordinated when you travel together—by registering for a set of matching luggage. Bric’s X-Bags are stylish, sure, but they’re also lightweight and collapsible, so you can even pack an extra bag to fill up with souvenirs for the trip home. (Pieces sold separately.)

A tool kit may not seem romantic, but when you need it, you’ll be happy to have it. Whether you’re aspiring DIYers or just want to be able to hang a few pictures, this kit has what you’ll need, including a cordless drill, a hammer, multiple screwdrivers, a tape measure, and everything in between.

Combine your invitation and a favorite photo of your big day into a forever keepsake with a timeless frame. This one from Mariposa is made of 100% recycled aluminum for a modern sustainable touch.

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