Kitchen Items To Add To Your Wedding Registry

Kitchen Items To Add To Your Wedding Registry

Regardless of whether you believe that the best way to the heart is through the stomach, stocking your kitchen with essential cooking items is the first step to prep a delicious meal. While you’re registering for gifts, it’s an amazing opportunity to replace the worn out gadgets or bring in the modern tools that you’ll love to use while making fancy recipes with your partner or creating meals to entertain friends and family. 

As Alfred Hitchcock famously said,” Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen”. So here’s a guide to help you choose the key kitchen items for your wedding registry.

8 Kitchen Essentials You’ll Love – And Actually Use

When it comes to creating a registry, MyRegistry believes in any item, any store. To get the best of everything, you need a universal gift list (like ours) where you can add items from any store that has the best to offer. Our team did some independent research covering a range of kitchen must-haves from top stores for you to meet all your cooking needs - no matter if you’re a novice chef or a culinary expert. 


As a newlywed, your social calendar is likely to be very full. Whether entertaining family and friends or contributing to a gathering’s buffet, this slow cooker will be a workhorse. It can help you quickly and evenly cook anything from rice to chicken. And, when you’re on the go, you can conveniently make meals mess-free with this easy-to-cook and carry cooker – perfectly comforting your partner with home-cooked food no matter where you are. 


Quality time with your partner in the kitchen starts with a recipe. Once you cross that cookbook baking recipe off your list you’re going to need bakeware. Here is a great bakeware set that features non-toxic coatings, even heat distribution, easy food release, and simple cleaning. This Caraway bakeware will have you baking perfect goodies with your honey in no time. Simple muffins, a pan of pastries, or cheesecakes, yum! 


From carving a Sunday roast to slicing bread to chopping fine vegetables – a good set of knives makes a huge difference! An up-to-scratch knife set like this by Henckels available at Target really takes your culinary skills to the next level and makes you enjoy easy, quick, and safe cooking! Also, you can add a pop of personality by customizing this cutlery set with your name or a monogram.  


Your registry should reflect your values and what’s important to you. If you’re into healthy eating, here’s the perfect kitchen appliance. With this Ninja Air Fryer available at Kohl’s, you can make healthy versions of deep fried potato chips, evenly cooked crispy wings and tempura veggies – much faster than with a traditional oven or fryer without excessive oil. You can also enjoy the benefit of a double basket and cook two foods at the same time – a convenient way to quickly cook the evening’s meal if you're getting home late or have unexpected extra guests. 


If you are always in a rush, but still can’t stomach those instant smoothies, soups, and sauces, don't worry, this underrated kitchen tool is a great addition to your cookware and kitchen appliances. This blender by Blendtec is super versatile. It comes in handy for pureeing fruits and veggies, whipping creams, churning ice creams, pulverizing beans, crushing ice, and more. Your smoothee game has just been upped! 


Your list, your style. What goes best with your ultra chic serveware and delicious food? Perhaps a minimalist dinnerware set? With a complete setting for six including dinner plates, salad/dessert plates, and bowls,the classic color and whimsical pattern of this tableware can complement any home decor. 

Kitchen Linen

Your personal style and interest should shine throughout your wedding registry. Even an item meant to prevent spots and stains is worth putting your mark on. This apron available from Zazzle gives you the option to personalize it with imagery or designs all your own. Make your fashion sense part of your kitchen style and flaunt your identity while keeping your clothes free of cooking stains.


This might be the last thing you would consider adding to your wedding registry, but it’s actually the most functional one! No matter whether your kitchen is big enough or low on space, you will always need storage containers to keep it tidy and accessible. This set of all-purpose pantry organizers include stackable bins of varied sizes and turntables – that can group all the pantry items, keeping kitchen countertops less cluttered and save you a lot of space. If you’re eco-friendly, this sustainable wood made organizer set is a plus!  
Prepping meals will be much more fun and convenient with the right kitchen essentials added to your registry! Also keep your needs and preferences in mind as you add your gifts as these things will make your kitchen not just functional, but also reflect your style.


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