Oh Joy! The Convenience of a Holiday Wish List

The Convenience of a Holiday Wish List, holiday wishlist

Creating a Holiday Wish List is just the right thing to do! Why? Because it makes it convenient for friends and family to get you the perfect gift. It’s a win-win!

It’s officially the holiday season! And here at MyRegistry, we’re all about getting you the perfect gifts.

Exchanging gifts is one way to share love with those we’re close to, which makes the holiday season pretty much one big lovefest. And we’re here for it! (Literally.)

But for friends and family, choosing the perfect gifts can seem complicated, even stressful. And for you, opening those gifts that are a “surprise,” even when they’re given with the best of intentions, can feel... awkward.

Enter the holiday wish list, the ultimate answer to the yearly question: What do you want for Christmas?

What Is a Holiday Wish List?

And why do you need one? 

A holiday wish list is an online gift list that makes it effortless for friends and family to find the perfect gifts for you. You gather all your favorite things in one place and share it with anyone who asks, then they can shop for you directly from your list. And since the list was created by you, each gift will be unwrapped with a smile—because it’s just what you asked for!

holiday gift shopping

A wish list is easy to create and easy to add gifts to, including items from absolutely any store, from the biggest retailers to favorite indie shops. Your list can be created for Christmas, Hanukkah, or any holiday you celebrate, making it personal to you.

Most important, a wish list makes the holiday gifting process convenient for everyone: You get exactly what you want, while your loved ones save time and energy and get the satisfaction of giving the perfect gift. And we all know, this time of year, convenience is a gift in itself.

And as the leading Christmas list maker, we encourage you to get your family and friends to create their own Christmas lists and share them with you too. Talk about a win-win holiday gift exchange!

How a Holiday Wish List Works

With a Christmas wish list, it’s pretty much foolproof to get (and give) the perfect gifts.

  • Relieve the pressure of holiday gift giving for both gift givers and recipients
  • Add items to your wish list from any store in the world, online or in person, with our browser extension or gift list app
  • Create and manage lists for every member of your family under one log-in, and name each wish list separately so they’re easy to find in search results
  • Use MyRegistry’s holiday ecards and customizable URL feature to share your Christmas gift list with loved ones right from your account
  • Virtually eliminate the need for gift returns and exchanges—so you can spend the days after the holidays relaxing, not visiting the mall and post office

It really couldn’t be better! To get started, create the best Christmas wish list or holiday online wish list here.

With MyRegistry’s wishlist website, you can also create a wedding registry, baby registry, or wish list for any occasion. Happy gifting!

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