5 Macy’s Gifts To Turn Your Wedding Registry Into an Investment For Your Marriage

5 Macys Gifts To Turn Your Wedding Registry Into an Investment For Your MarriageSponsored by Macy’s

When you’re in the middle of wedding planning, it’s easy to get swept up in the magic of everything going on. Between the venue, the flowers, the invitations, the dress – there’s a lot of excitement jam packed in those few years between the engagement and your big day! But your wedding can and should be about more than just planning the event – you’re planning your marriage too!

We here at MyRegistry are firm believers that building your wedding registry with your partner is the most fun way you can plan for your future together. The gifts that you’re getting don’t have to be relegated to the back corner of a closet waiting to make an appearance. They can be things that you’ll use and enjoy every day, or will become memories that will stay with you and your partner throughout the many years to come.

MyRegistry’s Top Wedding Registry Investment Pieces From Macy’s

Let’s play a quick word association game. If we say wedding registry, kitchen, and long term investment, what comes to mind? We can guarantee for a solid 95% of you, a Le Creuset (in a color that perfectly compliments your kitchen, no less 😉) would pop into your mind. Not only will this become a staple in your home – the centerpiece for every dinner party and family meal – but this is a gift that people LOVE to give. 

A cookbook - that looks nice enough to even be a coffee table book - is one of those sneaky wedding registry gifts that you don’t expect to become a favorite but that stands out more and more as time goes on. You and your partner get to spend some quality time working through the recipes together, and maybe even find your new favorite meal along the way!

(pro tip: for any book you add to your registry, drop a little reminder to your guests to inscribe the inside cover! It will always bring back memories of celebrating together.)

Taking the time with your partner to find a piece of art that speaks to both of your tastes is not just a great way to bond leading up to the wedding, but also a really meaningful way to bring your loved ones into the process of building your home! Whoever buys that piece of decor is going to know that they’re giving you a little bit of happiness every time you see it. 

Luggage is a classic wedding registry gift for a reason. Sure, packing isn’t usually the glamorous and memory making part of the trips you’ll be taking with your new spouse, but it’s a necessary one!  Something to help smooth along the process will always come in handy. And once you have a set that you like, you know it’s something you’ll be able to use for years!

Ok now we’ll admit, you’re not going to find this one on many wedding essentials lists, but it IS backed by science! Sleep (or really, the lack thereof) is one of the major causes of arguments between long term couples. If you’re investing in your marriage, you’re going to want to invest in your sleep. So splurge a little bit on that fancy bed frame and king size mattress.

And if you’re worried that a gift like this may price out your guests, it’s not a problem at all! MyRegistry lets you add gift cards to your registry so your friends and family can each contribute on their own.

There’s really so many exciting things going on when you’re wedding planning that being able to take the time to slow down and focus on the future is something special to share with your partner. For more wedding registry ideas or to create a Macy’s wedding registry, visit Macy’s Wedding Registry!

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