Wedding Registry Items for Couples with Kids

Wedding Registry Items for Couples with Kids, a couple each holding the hand of a little girl.

Those who already have kids or who have a baby on the way often grapple with what is appropriate to register for. It’s true that your wedding is a celebration of your union as a couple, but when kids are already in the picture, their place in your joy and your home is undeniable. And, of course, your wedding registry should reflect that. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

Game night

When you have kids, game night means, well, something else than it did when you were just a twosome (here are some registry ideas for that, ahem, other kind of game night). Sorry, back to the kids. Games are awesome and something you absolutely must make space for. Consider adding the Monopoly Luxury Edition to your registry. This new version of the classic favorite is elegantly housed in a solid wood cabinet with faux leather and zinc alloy details. It includes a drawer for holding your millions plus the iconic playing pieces you loved as a child. 

Put your adorable mugs on some adorable mugs

People get territorial over their coffee mugs, even if what they’re putting in them is chocolate milk. Might as well make it official and have a mug made with each family member’s name and likeness. What’s completely unique and undeniably cool about the Personalized Family Mugs is that they feature an original artwork depiction of each family member, above their name. There’s a full menu of character and color options to choose from. How cool is that? The mugs themselves are large capacity and very durable (good thing). Even so, maybe register for two sets, just in case your favorite one goes oops.

Pass the flour

Cooking together as a family is a joy. It’s a tactile experience that puts electronic devices in the dust (at least for a little while). Why not register for a personalized Family Cookbook? Think how much fun you’ll have filling it with recipes your family loves, and how awesome it will be when your kids can pass those recipes down to their own little ones. This one is bound to become a cherished heirloom you’ll enjoy forever. 

When adventure calls

Whether you’re planning a family trip to the state next door or to the farthest reaches of the world, help the excitement build with a National Geographic travel map. The Craig Frames Wayfarer Executive World Push Pin Travel Map comes fully assembled and ready to grace your family room (or any room, for that matter). It includes 100 multi-colored map tacks and is framed in lovely, Brazilian walnut with a smooth, laminate finish. At 25.5” x 37.5”, it’s elegant to look at, even when you’re not planning a trip. 

What it’s all about

Your family is special, and the most important thing in your life. Family Wall Art by Stratton Home Décor says it all. Let this soothing reminder of what’s truly important be the last household item you all see when you leave home, and the first thing you see when you come back. This incredibly moving sentiment is hand painted on this board, and housed in a solid-wood frame. It’s dimensions are 36"W x 1"D x 8"H. For indoor use only. 

Satisfy your practical side

Setting up a cash gift fund lets you register for cash you can use for the someday-we’ll-need-it-future or even the immediate future. You can use MyRegistry’s completely secure, tastefully executed cash gift fund service to procure funding for anything and everything. (Think expensive couch, honeymoon, first home, or child’s college fund).

Wedding Registry Items for Couples With Kids, a picture of a large beach house with the title 'A honeymoon in paradise,' a picture of a mason jar filled with coins and bills labelled college, titled with 'The Future,' and a picture of a cute bedroom with an easy chair and crib among other pieces of furniture titled with 'A nursey.'

Learn more about cash gifts with this guide.

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