Romantic Stay-at-Home Dates (That Are Fun Too!)

Romantic Stay-at-Home Dates (That Are Fun Too!), a couple sitting up in bed, reading a book together.

A change of perspective and a couple of tweaks to your usual routine will turn hanging out at home into date night.

Are you feeling the late-winter (and late-pandemic) date-night doldrums? Have you had your fill of Netflix?

We’re right there with you.

The good news is there are lots of stay-at-home date ideas that will change up your quarantine scene and help you connect with your partner. There’s dating fun to be had!

Read on for suggestions—from romantic to silly—plus gifts you can add to your wedding registry that will have you ready for future date nights, no matter the season, or the reason.

Go Camping (Without Leaving Home)

If you’re lucky enough to have a little outdoor space, set up a tent. Simply sleeping in it together will feel like a getaway. If you don’t have outdoor space? No worries, just cuddle up and camp indoors.

Kelty Tanglewood 2 Two-Person Tent, Kelty
Kelty Tanglewood 2 Two-Person Tent | Bass Pro Shops

Reach for the Stars

With the flip of a switch you can take your indoor camping experience to the next level with a starry sky overhead.

BlissLights Laser Galaxy Projector, BlissLights
BlissLights Laser Galaxy Projector | Target

Have a Little S’mores

Do you have a safe outdoor space to light a fire? A portable fire pit will let you gaze off together—and, of course, indulge in everyone’s favorite camping food: s’mores.

Super Sky Stars & Moon Fire Pit, Super Sky
Super Sky Stars & Moon Fire Pit | PlowHearth

Have Snacks for Dinner

We all know the joy of the party snack spread—bite after bite and never too much of the same thing. Make that a meal. Include some unexpected flavors, then take turns trying to create the “perfect bite” to feed each other.

Reclaimed Mod Charcuterie Board, VivaTerra
Reclaimed Mod Charcuterie Board | VivaTerra

Sign Up for Meal-Kit Delivery

If you’re more full-meal types, set up a subscription meal-kit delivery service. You can cook together, or take turns while the other keeps company and waits to enjoy the finished product. Either way, it’s a sit-down dinner, which means dedicated couple time.

Home Chef, Home Chef
Home Chef Meal Delivery Service Gift Card | Home Chef
Starting from $49.95/week

Play Games Together

Maybe you’re already game players (the good kind!), or maybe you feel like games aren’t really “you.” If you’re the latter type, we say: Try it, you’ll like it, because playing games together is a great bonding experience. And sure, a good old-fashioned game of Twister may feel awkward at first, but we can guarantee you’ll end up laughing—probably in a cuddly pile on the floor.

Twister, Hasbro
Twister | Amazon

Set Up a Tasting for Two

If you’d ordinarily go to a microbrewery for an in-person tasting, who’s to say you can’t recreate your own at home? Get set up with a mixed 6-pack or 12-pack, and compare what you like and don’t love about each while you find a new favorite.

Prospect All Purpose Tasting Set, Prospect
Prospect All Purpose Tasting Set | Crate and Barrel

Choose Your Couple Cocktail

Mix, taste, and tweak to come up with a cocktail (or two, or three) that feels like your signature. This set of modern bar tools comes in a choice of gold, copper, silver, and graphite, so you can pick the one that feels most like you.

Bar Tool Set, Crate and Barrel
Bar Tool Set | Crate and Barrel

Turn Out the Lights

Candlelight isn’t only for the dinner table. Just say no to electric lights for the evening, then slow down and experience everything within the glow of candlelight.

Mercury Glass Tealight Holders, 3R Studio
Mercury Glass Tealight Holders | Macy's

Votive Candles, JH Specialties Inc/Lumabase
Votive Candles | Macy's

Put Together a Puzzle

Puzzles may seem like child’s play, but we’re here to tell you, they’re zenly addictive, and they engage that working-as-a-team muscle. Start with a 1,000-piecer, and it will take you through multiple date nights—unless you become obsessed and can’t stop.

Full Bloom Puzzle, Galison
Full Bloom Puzzle | Amazon

Get to Know Each Other

Okay, you already know each other. But there’s always more to find out, and these get-to-know-you cards are a perfect conversation starter.

Intimacy Card Deck, Uncommon Goods
Intimacy Card Deck | Uncommon Goods

Create a Couple Bucket List

Grab a drink and some quiet time, then sit down and really think about the future experiences you’d like to share together. Here’s a good place to start:

1,000 Places to See Before You Die, Readerlink
1,000 Places to See Before You Die | Target

Start Your Own Book Club

Turn this usually solo activity into a couple activity by reading the same book and setting aside time to talk about it. Take turns choosing what to read next.

Amazon eGift Card, Amazon
Amazon eGift Card | Amazon

Have a Spa Night

This may seem like it’s not a unisex thing, but we promise, the relaxation effect is gender blind. Before you know it, you’ll be fighting over the foot bath.

Homedics Foot Bath, Homedics
Homedics Foot Bath | Macy's

Watch a Movie on the Big Screen

Indoors or out, if you have a big blank wall, you have a movie screen. Take a break from your laptop with an actual movie projector, and remember what it’s like to be immersed in the big-screen experience. This one comes with a 100-inch screen.

QKK Portable LCD Projector, QKK
QKK Portable LCD Projector | Amazon

Have Breakfast in Bed

What’s more luxurious than knowing you can linger in bed as long as you like? Make it intentional by staying put for breakfast in bed together. Who’s going to get up to make it? We’ll leave that to you.

Breakfast Bed Tray, Winsome
Breakfast Bed Tray | Macy's

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