Wedding Registry Gifts Perfect for Pet Lovers

22 Wedding Registry Gifts Perfect for Pet Lovers, a married couple affectionately petting their cat.

It's purrfectly acceptable to include your dog and cat when you plan your registry, so we've come up with top picks for pet wedding gifts, from practical gear to loving nods to this most important member of the family.

Your pet is part of your family, and when you decide to join together “until death do us part,” your fur baby is coming along for the ride. So why not include your cat, dog, or other companion as you plan your registry? We have a variety of fun and practical pet gifts that are perfect inspiration for your gift list.

Why Should You Include Your Pet in Your Wedding Registry?

A wedding registry is designed to help you build a great life together with your new spouse. That means making room for everyone in the household, including dogs, cats, and other pets. If you and your intended just can’t get enough of your furry friends, they can—and should—make an appearance on your registry.

What Are the Best Wedding Gifts for Pet Lovers?

We know that true pet lovers embrace everything about life with their animals. So gifts can range from home goods and pet gear to loving and humorous nods to the most important member of the family.

Speaking practically, pets need help with big transitions, like sharing living space with someone new. Giving them their own designated spots to sleep, hang out, or ride along makes it easier for them to adjust. Think about your lifestyle and all the parts of your pet’s day, then tick some boxes:

  • Sleep
  • Play
  • Mealtime
  • Cleanup

Keep in mind that if you have multiple pets, you’ll need comfortable spaces for each of them.

Home Decor

Some people have pets. Other people love their pets so much they want to feature them prominently in their home. If you’re in the latter category, you might as well have fun with it. For the whimsically minded, the Art Knacky Pet Table Lamp comes in two styles, dog and cat. This Wipe Your Paws Welcome Mat will remind you, your four-legged friends, and any guests to wipe off before they come inside. The sturdy construction is made for use in most weather. If you’re a dog owner and like the idea of something custom, a Labrador Stoneware Crock personalized with the family name is a fun option.

For Dogs

Dog lovers know that for every ounce of attention you give your dog, you’ll get it back tenfold, and dogs deserve great lives for the way they improve ours. This Denim Pet Bed features a sturdy construction with a fun fabric design that will actually look good in any room. The 40"x30" size gives plenty of space for a larger dog or two smaller pups. Ready to take your dog decor to the next level? Declare your love with this delightful Dog Portrait, available for many breeds. Searching for something that allows you to carry your pup everywhere with you? A Boat Canvas Carrier has tons of flexibility. Choose from three different sizes and a variety of colors, with a leash attachment for extra convenience.

For Cats

Cats love to be comfortable, and their quirky personalities demand attention. If you’re looking for the perfect place for your kitty to sleep and play, the Pyramid Cat Nest is design-savvy enough that you’ll want it to be seen. The shape creates a wonderful little tent for a cat to cuddle up in, and the hanging pom-pom will keep kitty entertained inside. For playtime, the Fold and Store Cat Tower combines plush lounge space with a scratching post, and it folds up for easy storage. Bring your cat love to any gathering with the Cat Cheese Board and let those little whiskers peek out between the cheese and crackers.

For Dogs and Cats

If your pets need anything, it’s a good place to rest. The Nooee Toby Pet Cave offers a moderate footprint that works for cats and smaller dogs. It even collapses for travel. If you’re up for something outside the ordinary pet bed, the Pet Parade Pet Hammock has it all, including a hammock you can easily remove for washing. It holds up to 22 pounds, which makes it perfect for cats or small dogs. Feel bad about shooing your pets off your new furniture? This Pet Throw Blanket features all the cuddly softness in a perfect size to drape over a couch or chair.

Treat Jars

Pets love treats, and you need an aesthetically pleasing spot to keep them handy. This Cat Treat Jar will look great on your counter, and it comes in a selection of colors to coordinate with any kitchen. With similar style, this Dog Bone Treat Jar is sized for larger snacks. The rubber seal on both will keep treats fresh and securely stored. Looking for something a little more understated? The Harlequin Pet Treat Jar offers ideal storage for dry snacks, without calling quite so much attention to itself.


Mealtime should be a joy for you and your pets, and these products can help. The Meow Cat Bowl has a shallow depth to make it easy for cats and even most kittens to enjoy a meal. The Double Diner Pet Dish works for both food and water, with two removable stainless steel bowls for easy serving and cleanup. Does your pup wolf down every meal? This Slow Feed Dog Bowl has a raised bone in the center to slow the process.


Keeping the home free of pet hair and odors is an ongoing task for pet owners. But it’s a lot less hassle if you have the right tool. The Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog Vacuum features powerful suction and additional features perfect for homes with furry pets, including a filter that helps remove odors and a brush attachment that makes it a breeze to clean carpeted stairs. You might not have been thinking about a pet vacuum when you started creating your wedding registry, but you won’t regret adding this one to your list!

Road Trips

So many pet items are for the home. But what if you’re constantly on the go? The Snoozer Lookout Car Seat is lined with soft simulated lamb’s wool that makes it easy for small to medium-sized dogs to enjoy both the ride and the view. Do you go on lots of adventures with a larger dog? The Quilted Seat Protector will keep your dog settled in her favorite seat, without destroying your upholstery. If your favorite feline goes everywhere with you, the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed will help manage stress by keeping your cat in familiar surroundings wherever you are.

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