The Best Wedding Registry Gifts for Wine Lovers

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Grab your wineglass! We’ve rounded up all the best wine-related gifts for your wedding registry.

Creating your wedding registry is your opportunity to hand-pick items for your home, and your life, that uniquely represent you as a couple. With, let’s be honest, a few that are really for just one of you! If you have a wine lover in the house, we have some wine related gift ideas.

What’s Your Wine Style?

Are you passionate about discovering new wines together? Or do you prefer to stick with tried-and-true favorites? Maybe you’re purely social drinkers, with a circle of friends who take turns hosting and offering new bottles to try. Are you stay-at-home types, or do you like to take your beverage along to the great outdoors?

Whatever your wine style, we want to help you discover wine-lover registry gifts that speak to you.

Gifts for Wine Lovers

There are countless wine-related gifts to choose from, from fun to functional, at a range of prices. We’ve rounded up our favorites below. Read on, and you’re sure to find a few ideas for your own registry.

A Wine Subscription

With a subscription service, you two will have a months-long wine tasting to look forward to. By adding a Winc subscription to your registry, you’ll get artisanal wines delivered right to your door every month from all over the world, and selections can even be curated based on individual (or joint!) taste.

Winc Wine Subscription Gift Cards | Winc
Starting from $60.00/ 1 Month Subscription

Wineglasses and Tumblers

There are specific glasses for reds or whites, and still others for dessert wines, and the shape and size of a wineglass can make all the difference in the bouquet. Glasses for white wine are generally more upright and U-shaped, while red wine bowls are fuller and rounder, providing a greater surface for the wine to breathe. If you’d like to have a variety on hand at home (and to-go), here are a few options to consider.

Opening a Wine Bottle

Struggling to pop out a cork is completely overrated, especially when there are options that will get you to your vino more quickly! These easier-to-use ways to wine-o’clock will get you one step closer to the pour. So consider saving yourself the stress and strain of opening bottles manually, including trying an electric wine opener, considered the best option by wine enthusiasts.

If the traditional bottle opener or corkscrew isn’t enough, consider opening your bottle with science with the Wine Ziz Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener.

Now that your wine’s open, let’s look at how to serve it.

Wine Decanters and Carafes

Decanting your wine can truly enhance the flavor through aeration, allowing the wine to breathe while softening the flavors and releasing excess gases or tannins that develop over time. This helps to fully develop the bouquet of the wine, making decanters an ideal wine related wedding gift idea because they’re often overlooked. Not all wines require decanting, but it’s particularly valuable for aged wines such as vintage port or Bordeaux that might have gathered a bit of sediment over time. These decanters, carafes, and pourers are meant to provide the best possible flavors and aromas for your wine, making it as enjoyable as possible. Decanting is often associated with red wines, but some younger white wines might also benefit from this process.

Keeping Your Wine Chilled

White wines are most often stored in the refrigerator to ensure they stay at the optimal temperature, since a cooled white allows you to fully enjoy the fruity flavors and higher acidity. Even so, white wine should not be pulled directly from an ice bath or the fridge to pour and drink. Instead, whites are best served at a chilly 45 degrees. (Red is traditionally served at room temperature, approximately 55 degrees.) It’s considered a faux pas with any wine to add ice, which can dilute the flavor and leave you with a flat mouth-feel that’s not enjoyable. These chillers, however, are sure to get your wine to the perfect temperature for your enjoyment.

Chilling a single bottle is easy enough, but what if you need to get up to 18 bottles cooled down? The Ivation Wine Cooler brings both reds and whites to the optimal temperature with ease.

Wine Accessories

In many homes, wine is a daily “moment” — a way to indicate the workday is done and it’s time for relaxation. Whether you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner each evening or only partake in more celebratory situations, there are plenty of wine accessories that will add to your enjoyment. And when you need to take your wine on the road, there are ways to do that (discreetly) too.

Bonus: Put together the perfect cheese board accompaniment.

Eclectic Wine Gifts

While wineglasses and decanters are always appreciated, go ahead and think outside the box too. These more “out there” wine gifts are not just fun and whimsical, they’re surprisingly functional too.

And speaking of eclectic gifts, behold the Wine Condom. Yes, this wine seal works just as you’d imagine, keeping everything bottled up tight by creating a waterproof seal and eliminating the need to recork a bottle or risk spillage.

See more of the Wine Condom:



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