10 Great Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-Be

10 Great Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-be, a young woman in a white dress and a young man in suit pants standing outside in the grass.

Engaged life is probably pretty hectic, and it will only become more so during the days leading up the wedding. It's an especially trying time for the bride, who always has a little extra on her plate.

Because she’s doing so much to make your special day, well, really special, we gathered 10 gift ideas that could help her relax and enjoy one of the greatest times of her life.

Honeymoon gear

It could be a stylish new bag, sunglasses, or a beach towel. What you buy really depends on where you plan to go.

An instant camera

The bride will want to capture the happiest moments of her new life. Consider pairing it with a cork board, so that the photos she snaps can be immediately displayed in your home.

Something old

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is an old English verse. The "something old” part represents family traditions and it is said to bring the future bride luck in family life. The gift could be a stylish antique for her home, or maybe a vintage-inspired piece, such as this pearl and crystal hair comb.

Something blue

The color blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, and wisdom, and all three are needed for a stable and happy marriage. What better way to symbolize your commitment to her (after the ring, of course!) than with blue dinnerware? Some experts say we form our strongest emotional bonds with each other when we’re having meaningful conversations around the dinner table.

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Silver cutlery

In ancient times Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, conquered Babylon, Media, Anshan, and many other lands before dying of old age. He was said to have lived a long life because he refused to eat or drink from anything that wasn’t sterling silver.

Silver is not only beautiful, but also has antibacterial qualities. You could write anything you want on the greeting card, but giving silver as a gift is the best way to wish your bride-to-be a long life.

For more beautiful, silver flatware, check out this blog about the best flatware of 2019.

Beautiful vase

Unless she’s allergic, practically every woman enjoys having fresh beautiful flowers around the house. Giving her flowers is a thoughtful gesture. Giving her a stylish place to put them is even more impressive.

Collectible edition vinyl

Every music lover knows that sound quality is superior on vinyl. If your bride-to-be is passionate about music, give her a collectible edition vinyl featuring her favorite artist, and let it be the soundtrack of your marriage.

Silk sheets

Sleeping on natural silk sheets has many benefits. They are hypoallergenic and perfect for people who have sensitive or dry skin. Silk is also a natural heat regulator and maintains the right body temperature. Every bride deserves such bedtime luxury.

Luxurious lingerie

For the soon-to-be bride who’s planning a wedding, finding bridal lingerie is often the last thing on her mind. Take the initiative and surprise her with something super-sexy for your wedding night.

Spa voucher

With the wedding date approaching, her stress level is no doubt rising. Prepare your future wife for the big event by giving her some rest. A voucher for a day at a SPA could do wonders. Let her relax and forget her worries, if only for a few hours.

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