The Best Wedding Gifts for the Home Bartender

The Best Wedding Gifts for the Home Bartender

Do you imagine your future married selves entertaining family and friends in style? Then you’ll need a home bar with all the essentials, from beer mugs and champagne flutes to a cocktail shaker.

If you’re just moving in together, your wedding registry is the perfect way to gather all the must-haves (and just-wants) for your home. And if you’re already living together, your registry can be a great way to refresh your nest and fill in the gaps.

And if you’re looking forward to home entertaining, you’ll want to set up a home bar where you can show off your hospitality—and your bartending skills. Whether you’re a budding mixologist or just want to be prepared for small gatherings, we’ve got the registry-essential barware and bartender tools for mixing and serving drinks. Just add beverages!

Any wedding gifts you see here can be added right to your registry. (Don’t have one yet? It’s quick and easy to create a universal wedding registry, then add any item from any store in the world.)

Bartending 101

Every home bartender needs a selection of bar glasses to accommodate different drinks, whether that’s wine, beer, or cocktails. And it’s not just aesthetics—the shape of a glass can actually enhance a drink’s taste, temperature, and aroma.

So, nothing’s more basic than beer. If you like a traditional pint with the perfect amount of foam on top, try these crowned tumblers that can easily double as water or juice glasses if needed, or keep it pubby with classic hefty beer mugs.

For the red wine lover, full-bodied glasses are the way to go. And if you’re a white wine enthusiast, show the naysayers they’re wrong with elegant white wine glasses. Top off both with crystal champagne flutes perfect for special occasions—or when you just want to treat yourselves.

Once your wine glasses are all lined up, a wine subscription service will give you a months-long tasting to look forward to. By adding a Winc subscription to your registry, you’ll get artisanal wines delivered right to your door every month from all over the world, curated by you.

Are shots more your style? Serve like a pro with a shot glass set, complete with wood serving tray—amateur who? Convenient and unique, these hand-carved Himalayan salt shot glasses will give your tequila just the right amount of salty flavor. And for the spirits connoisseur, this Glencairn whiskey glass will bring out depths of flavor and aroma.

Care for a cocktail? Cocktail glasses come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s up to you to decide which you’ll want for your bar. You can go the classy route with triangle martini glasses, or say cheers to retro glam with a coupe glass. If you’re looking for a versatile vessel, try highball glasses. And of course Moscow Mules aren’t Moscow Mules without those quintessential copper mugs.

Essential Bartending Tools 

Every home mixologist needs the right bartending equipment, and it might make sense to start with a sort of “bartending kit.” Registering for a complete bar tool set will give you the bartending basics. This one includes bar tools, an ice bucket, a cocktail shaker, and a set of old-fashioned glasses.

If you prefer to choose separate pieces… This timeless cocktail shaker includes a cap, a strainer, and a shaking tin, while this more casual stainless steel shaker has a leak-proof silicone seal, built-in strainer, and jigger cap. For a cocktail strainer alone, this springed version would be a nice addition to any drinks prep.

Since precision is key when making cocktails, you’ll want a cocktail jigger—whether that be a traditional double-sided bar jigger or a more contemporary stepped jigger with engraved measurements down the side. A muddler is also great to have on hand for mashing fresh fruits and herbs, and for maximum efficiency, there’s a juicer too. 

For weekend brunch or other times you want to mix up drinks for a group, you may want a cocktail pitcher and a long-handled bar spoon or cocktail spoon too.

More Bar Accessories

A few complementary items will further outfit your home bar. Keep things cool with an ice bucket and tongs that’ll let you and your guests grab-and-go. And fill it up with ice molded from spherical ice cube trays—the shape is specially designed to chill drinks without watering them down. If you’re a wine drinker, a tabletop wine chiller is a nice touch.


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