How to Create an Artisan Table

How to Set an Artisan Table, a table set with a large wodden fork and spreader as well as a set of different sized wooden bowls.

An authentic artisan table is more than just beautiful. When combined with good food and good people, your tablescape can help you make memories.

What does an artisan table mean to you?

Is it a beautifully designed table setting with expensive china you use only once or twice a year? Or a table setting only a designer’s eye can create?

There are tabletop companies that curate their selection with an eye toward visual appeal. And we gravitate toward them for products that are often handcrafted, always beautiful, and hint at an elevated lifestyle. Even better if those products offer their good looks without sacrificing any of the practicality we want and need in tabletop items that are used every day.

But a genuinely authentic artisan table means much more than just aesthetic appeal.

To our partners at Nicole-Rhea, creating an artisan table is about delivering a positive and unforgettable experience for everyone who gathers around the table, an extraordinary place where family and friends come to make memories that will last a lifetime.

“Our handcrafted homewares not only serve a functional purpose, but each piece is as unique as the buyer,” says Jason Flanagan, CEO of “When someone buys a ceramic salad bowl from us, they’re purchasing a heritage-quality piece. However, over the years that bowl will come to emotionally embody the countless stories and laughs of loved ones who’ve gathered around the table. It will not only be a piece that is passed down for generations, but a piece that will be cherished.”

Is an artisan table beautiful? Absolutely. But not just in the traditional sense. It’s also beautiful because it creates a space to gather with loved ones. It invokes laughter and camaraderie. It’s a tradition we hope you start together as a couple and continue with your family for years to come.

And what are the components of an artisan table? They can be almost anything that resides on your table, from dishware, cookware, and glassware to serving pieces and utensils, table linens and accessories. What they have in common is their deliberate nature—the care that goes into creating them, and the care that goes into bringing them together on your table.

Read on for some of our favorite artisan tabletop pieces, and consider adding a few of them to your wedding registry.

Artisan table items we love—and know you will too

Table Runner
The table runner is the item on the artisan table that connects everything. From one end of the table to the other, it seamlessly ties each thought-out detail together.

One of the most overlooked pieces at the table is the humble napkin. However, napkins are also among the pieces that get handled the most. While most people may not give them much thought, they are integral to the artisan table setting.

Terrafirma Ceramics dinnerware is designed to be functional works of art. In particular, this poppy collection is both original and provides a burst of color, and the combination of patterns will make your tabletop unforgettable.


The best flatware can round out a tablescape while also feeling good in diners’ hands. This minimalist design has a soft matte finish and comes in four colors—black, gold, silver, and rose.

Salad Bowl & Salad Serving Set
To get the full artisan experience, we highly recommend serving your food family-style. And for that, you’ll want a beautiful salad bowl.

Serving Bowls
Family-style also means multiple serving bowls on the table, and in true artisan style, they’re hearty vessels that make diners optimistic about what they contain.

Also on the artisan table are cookware and baking dishes that are practical yet aesthetically pleasing enough to go straight from oven to table.

Bread Slicer
We recommend including a one-of-a-kind bread knife in your table setting. You can slice half your baguette, then leave this beautiful, functional piece of art on the bread tray for guests to admire till they’re ready for another piece.

Bread Tray
This charcoal-gray bread server balances and complements the bright poppy color of the dinnerware above.

Cutting & Serving Boards
Organic materials are central to the artisan table. The Dania Cutting Board is crafted from irregular pieces of teak that create a pattern unique to each one. And this mango wood board is perfect for serving cheese and crackers, fruit, or dessert.

Salt & Pepper Grinders
Bring the seasonings to your table with a set of hefty salt and pepper grinders. Menu Bottle Grinders have become a design icon, and they accommodate other spices, grains, and seeds for cooking too.

Cocktail Set
For the at-home mixologist who prefers their martinis shaken (not stirred), the Bartender's 2.0 copper cocktail set is the perfect barware item.

Martini Glasses
Elevate your evening cocktail with artisan-crafted copper martini glasses.

Water Pitcher
Serve your guests (or yourselves) in style with a shimmering pitcher of ice-cold water, lemonade, or iced tea.

Candle Holders
A table setting isn’t complete without candlelight. This porcelain and stoneware Sedimentary Candle Holder's shape throws a unique display of light and shadow when lit, making it an excellent centerpiece. And turned wood candlesticks are an artisan standard. These, crafted from mango wood, have carved detailing at the top and base.

Teapot & Coffee Pot
Among the functional items that will sit on your table is a teapot. This Natural Canvas teapot is carved with a chevron pattern and has a neutral warmth that will mix and match easily with other items in your artisan collection. The Theo French press coffee maker crafted from matte black stoneware is equal parts rustic and elegant.

The simple mug pays homage to any gathering by being the perfect ending to any meal. It provides the warmth of loved ones, the taste of comfort, and invigorates the conversation to continue long after dinner has concluded.

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