How to Style a Blue Tuxedo

Style Blue Tuxedo

Get tips for styling a blue tuxedo and making this updated formal look your own, from the menswear experts at Men’s Wearhouse

If you’re a groom hoping to show up on your big day feeling your James Bond best—or a bride shopping styles for her groom—there’s a new color to consider: blue. From cobalt to midnight, blue formalwear is here, and it’s downright fashion-forward.

How to Style a Blue Tuxedo, a man in a blue tuxedo

Are you blue-curious but thought black was the only way to go formal? Then you might be wondering how to style a blue suit. Not to worry—the experts at Men’s Wearhouse know all about helping men look and feel their best on their wedding day. They let us in on a few blue-tux tips, and we’re happy to pass them on…

Play It “Safe” with Midnight Blue

A midnight-blue tuxedo is the perfect option for guys who want to stray away from black—but not too far. It’s a little deeper and darker than navy, so it’s stylish but still formal. And because midnight blue will look good on just about anyone, it’s a natural choice for grooms and groomsmen.

Choose a Modern Dress Shirt

If you want a more modern look that’s still formal, skip the pleat-front tuxedo shirt and go with a subtly patterned piqué or plain formal dress shirt. White is the classic look, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option—blue tuxes can be styled with black, blue, and ivory dress shirts. Even consider a mix-and-match or monochrome look to really stand out.

Don’t Overlook the Details

When adding the finishing touches to a blue suit, switch up the usual silver jewelry and go with gold for more of a statement—it’s the perfect complement to any shade of blue. And don’t forget the gold cufflinks!

How to Style a Blue Tuxedo, Men's accessories with include pocket square, black dress shoes, floral bowtie, white button-up shirt and gold cufflinks

About those shoes… A blue tux will look smart with brown or blue dress shoes, but if your event is black-tie, a pair of black dress shoes will work as well. And if “casual royalty” is your thing, there are always velvet loafers.

Choosing between a bow tie and a necktie-vest combination? While the traditional look is a plain black silk bow tie, we’re talking about bending rules here. A tie is small but also impactful, so consider a printed bow tie or one with a little texture.

And finally, socks: The “rules” say black and blue clash, but the truth is, black socks pull everything together. If you like the monochromatic look, then go with blue—just make sure your blue socks match your suit perfectly.

Make It Your Own

Lucky for grooms these days, there’s flexibility within formalwear, letting you choose components to create just the look you want. A vest or cummerbund will tie together a formal look, but neither is required. For timeless style, match your jacket, pants, vest, cummerbund, and tie. Or pair a black or gray vest or cummerbund with a blue tux for a dressy look with a little extra dimension.

In Search of a Blue Look That Will Wow?

Check out the BLACK by Vera Wang Midnight Tux or any of the other blue tux options from Men’s Wearhouse. Just follow the guidelines above, make the look your own, and you’re sure to wow everyone at the wedding

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