Welcome to our registry! A quick note on our purchasing ethos:

What we buy matters. It is a true test of how much we value workers’ labor, our local economy, and the health of our world. As a couple, we want to live radically to support the humans who make our goods and the earth that supplies us with materials. This is why our wish list prioritizes local, ethically sourced, and even second-hand products.

We know this can be a bit more of a hassle than traditional registries, and we are incredibly grateful for your support as we try to follow the call we feel to bolster products and companies that make the world a better place. When purchasing, please feel free to be creative - we would be honored if you found a similar product at a thrift store or just happened to have a hand-me-down! And if you just want to buy from the list, that’s fine too. We love you all and are so grateful that you are joining us to celebrate the sacrament of marriage.

God bless,
Blaise & Gracie
Use this hashtag when sharing photos of our big day to help us keep track of all the special moments.