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Verite Quintana Noah Quintana

jueves, marzo 14, 2024
Hi Everyone!

We're so excited to welcome a new baby in March and appreciate all the support we're getting!

We are leaving the gender a surprise, so if you are going off-registry just keep in mind that gendered baby clothes and toys may not apply (i.e. I wouldn't buy us any dresses or shirts that say momma's boy :) ). That being said, we aren't the type of people who think pink only means girl and blue only means boy, so if you're gifting or making something don't feel like yellow is the only color choice!

We live in an apartment, not a big house, so we've tried to pick only the things that we think we can fit. If you want to get us something that isn't on the registry (especially if its bigger) don't hesitate to reach out to see if we have the space.

Also if you look at our registry and think but WAIT GUYS you are MISSING SOMETHING MAJOR - please let us know! We are first time parents so our list is mostly from texting friends and family and googling "what do we need for a baby". So far we have purchased or been gifted a stroller, a handful of onesies, a crib, a baby carrier, and a pump and are in the middle of researching car seats as well.

Thanks for all your love and care as we start this new adventure!!
Verite & Noah
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