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Sophie Brisbourne-Rhodes Tomas Rhodes

viernes, diciembre 10, 2021
Hello family and friends,

We're so excited to go on this journey with you and welcome our girls into the world! We've popped together a registry of things we think we'll need (but hey ho, it's mostly guesswork and Sophie's obsessive researching...).

We're seeing this as more of a shopping list for ourselves so hopefully the list isn't too overwhelming! It just makes it easier for us to know what we'll need to get after gifts.

It's hopefully fairly easy to use as each product will link directly to where to buy and all the info you need should be on the registry page. Shipping details are: Sophie & Tom, Unit 17, 75-79 Coogee Bay Road, Randwick, New South Wales, 2031. Australia. Once you've purchased it will register the purchase on the page so we don't get double ups!

We'll be keeping all of the presents and opening them around 30 weeks (late October) so don't forget to pop a gift note in the order if possible so I know who sent what!

Love you all!

Tom, Sophie & The Girls xxx
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