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Coram Deo Academy — new building items

Thursday, August 11, 2022
As we transition from sharing a space with others to being the sole occupants in our new building, there are items that would be helpful in outfitting our new space. For example, we will have the opportunity to have a copy room, a Faculty & Staff lunchroom, an Upper School Teacher Lounge, and a Lower School Teacher Lounge-so we would love to be able to have some supplies for each.

Please know that items do not have to be new-these items are listed here as things that would be a blessing for us to have, but if the items are from a yard sale, Goodwill, an auction, your third cousin's friend's grandmother-great! Things do not necessarily have to be purchased from these locations brand new. And please keep checking, as our list will most likely be continuously updated as we determine other items that would be helpful. Please ask Mrs. MacKay if you have any questions.

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