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In an effort to provide opportunities to individuals and families in our community, the North Dakota Autism Center, Inc. (NDAC) has created the Enrichment Center. This is a place where families will feel welcome, safe, and provide opportunities for them to build their connections in the community.
The NDAC Enrichment Center is a FREE program that will provide an opportunity for individuals and their caregiver (i.e. parent, DSP, nanny etc.) to participate in a variety of different activities, such as arts & crafts, cooking class, dancing, music, exercise, games, celebrations, community outings and much more. In addition, it will provide a place for children, adolescents, and adults of all abilities to socialize, make friends and make connections in the community. The primary goal is to create an inclusive, supportive, fun, engaging, and enriching environment for all participants by providing a variety of activities for skill building, social engagement, and leisure.
By creating this program, we can provide more opportunities for the families we serve in all of our programs, as well as other families in the community.
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