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Lucy's Eagle Scout Project — Shared Bread

In the past two years I have been lucky enough to volunteer for Shared Bread and develop relationships with the volunteers and frequent friends who come for dinner. Shared Bread is an organization that "began as a community outreach program by First United Methodist Church Redondo Beach (FUMCRB) on November 11, 1992, and has since served over 150,000 warm, home-cooked meals to our guests. We also partner with neighboring churches, local businesses, schools, civic organizations, and neighbors to provide basic need items, health care, resources, and advocacy for our guests" (About Us).The opportunity to spend time there has been so impactful to me, that I decided I would love to do something to make an impact on an organization that does so much good for others. In this project I would love to revamp and brighten up the women’s restroom inside the church space. Most importantly I will install new locks for the women to use. I will clean up the chandelier and replace lightbulbs so the space is brighter, and I will add a few chairs in the nook of the front room. Additionally, there is a shelf already in the space that can be repainted and used as a shelf for hygiene supplies, hotline numbers, and positive inspiration. In the portion of the restroom with the stalls, I will repaint the doors to the stalls so that they look fresh and new (rather than the rusted chipped color they are now). In one of the stalls I will install a grab bar for people who need a little bit more support when using the restroom. There are many other acute changes on top of these.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated by myself, the women who will have the chance to use this space, and the volunteers at Shared Bread!

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