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Thank you for visiting the 2021 Wish List for Little Portion Farm. In our first growing season (2019), we cultivated 1/4th acre with a small selection of hand tools and the help of many volunteers. As we expand next year and in future years, our needs will also grow, especially so we can have larger volunteer groups help. For example, loading and spreading compost or mulch are good tasks for large groups, but we are limited by the number of pitch forks and wheelbarrows we have. Having more tools means that we can have more volunteers, which allows us to grow more food! There are other items such as insect netting (needed to protect our plants so we don't have to use pesticides) and T-posts (needed to support vining plants such as tomatoes) that we will need in larger quantities due to our expansion. Finally, there are items that will allow us to grow more efficiently, such as the Jang push seeder, which quickly directly seeds crops such as carrots, radishes, turnips, lettuce, which are planted at rates of thousands of seeds per bed. We borrowed this tool last year but with an increase in growing space, we will likely need our own. We hope you will consider helping us purchase one of the many farm supplies we will need to increase our capacity to serve the most vulnerable people of Baltimore, by providing fresh, organic produce!
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