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Invest in the Future of Art - Support Zoo Labs — Non-Profit

Since our founding in 2013, Zoo Labs has been empowering artists and developing them into cultural, community and business leaders. We teach them business, support them as entrepreneurs and direct resources towards their ventures.

Zoo Labs provides the right environment, through coaching, mentorship and creative development, to help artists incubate and implement visionary creative projects that have the opportunity for long-term success.

By contributing a cash gift today, you are supporting our vision of a world where artists continue to move culture forward, and thrive as community and business leaders.

Your support will keep Zoo Labs programs FREE to all the artists who attend.

It's easy to contribute - simply click on a category that you would like to support, then select a gift amount. You can also designate any gift amount up to $1,000, and can pay via PayPal, credit card, or debit card.

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