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Relationship Advice with Dr. Jane Greer: Questions and Answers

Relationships are hard. That’s why we’ve reached out to some one-on-one help!  Dr. Jane Greer, marriage and family therapist, sex expert, author, radio host, and creator of the popular celebrity sex & relationship commentary “SHRINK WRAP,” has a bit to tell on what we can learn from the trials and triumphs of celebrity relationships.

Here are more questions submitted by our readers! Do you have a couple questions you'd like to ask yourself? Would like to have Dr. Greer respond to one of your issues on life, love, and your relationships? Send them to for her to review!


Five Amazing Teethers for Your Baby’s Budding Pearls

Maybe you’ve heard the stories about those well-meaning parents, who used to rub bourbon (or rye, or whatever they were drinking) on their baby’s gums, to nullify teething pain. Lucky for your baby (and your gin supply), you know better. Not to worry. There are great teethers out there that help keep baby comfy, quiet, and (almost) pain-free.  


Five Spooky Registry Ideas for a Frighteningly Incredible Halloween Bash

Themed parties are mad fun, and none are better than Halloween fetes of fright. If you and your sweetie are wickedly wonderful children of the night, you’ll probably throw tons of parties over the years on All Hallows Eve. No need to cast a spell, in order to get great Halloween party gear. Just add some wickedly wonderful, themed party items to your wedding registry.

What’s cool about Halloween is that it’s a great party opportunity at all stages of life, both with kids, and without. (Think monster mash dance parties for the newlywed crew, family fright nights, and devilishly delightful,empty nester extravaganzas.) With that many decades of Halloween parties in front of you, you get it that you’ve got to register for some fabulous things that go bump in the night. Forget your dented witch’s cauldron and plastic pumpkins. Add these spookily sublime items to your wedding registry instead.


One Crib, 5 Must-Haves: Amazing Additions To Your Baby’s Nursery

While the crib may be the centerpiece of most nurseries, there is more to making the nursery complete than just the simple structure itself. You will want to outfit the crib, and surrounding areas, with appealing extras. While making decisions about decorating the nursery may be influenced by your existing décor and your personal style, we have put together a list of five items that may give you some much-needed inspiration for your baby registry.


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