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Raedell Boateng Kwame Boateng

domingo, abril 02, 2023
** If you would like to give directly to avoid fees from this app you can! venmo & paypal: @drraedell; Uber:**

Akwaaba to Aslan Kwesi’s registry! If you don’t know, Raedell gave birth on April 2 at 30 weeks in the States. Baby Aslan is living his best life in the NICU! Before we head back to Ghana there’s lots to manage and navigate between two continents. We also want to support mother earth, Black, POC owned, and small business. As such, we’ve created gift funds (click the link up top) to contribute to rather than a traditional registry so we can make sure Aslan has what he needs both in the US and in Ghana. We are SO appreciative in advance of your gifts, love, and support as we journey to parenthood.
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