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Leanne Avery Jessee Avery

sábado, junio 18, 2022
Hello and welcome to our baby registry! Little Jelly Bean is so loved and cherished already! We want to thank you for taking a look at the items we are still looking for in preparation for her arrival!

PLEASE please note that we highly encourage you to consider purchasing items second hand. Facebook marketplace is a great tool, and there are also stores like Once Upon A Child or Lil Hoots (in Strathmore) that carry more than just clothing. Baby items can be pricey, and most times aren’t used for very long!

Also, please note that most of the items are ideas or suggestions. Please feel empowered to find something similar that you really like. It does not have to be the exact item, or colour, we just wanted to showcase the types of things we were interested in.

You will see some items are marked as favourites - these are the items that we would specifically like due to colour or feedback we’ve heard from other parents. Again, second hand is perfect if you can find the exact same thing!!

We are so grateful for your love and support as we continue our adventure through life together and add to the fun by bringing our tiny little human Earth side to join us and the fur babies in June!

Jessee, Leanne, Roux, Hunter, and Jelly Bean!
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