To All Expectant Moms, Get Your Post Pregnancy Registry Prepped!

To All Expectant Moms Get Your Post Pregnancy Registry Prepped

While you’re expecting, you might be thinking of (or already) having a baby registry with all the essential baby items – from strollers and cribs to blankets and clothes. Staying baby-focused, while fully getting engaged in planning for baby shower or a sip-see party - you might miss out on prepping for your needs post-delivery. 

But recovery from childbirth takes a village and you will need necessities that promote relaxation and self-care. Adding these items to your registry can be a great way to navigate the early days of parenthood flawlessly and ensures that you have what you need to take care of yourself. 

Best Registry Supplies You’ll Want After Having a Baby

Here’s a list of products for your baby registry that can help you ease the transition to motherhood. 

Comfort & Relaxation

Indulge in comfort and embrace relaxation with these essentials! 

Even if you’re a fashionista, dressing for parenthood may mean prioritizing comfort over style. But what if both can go hand-in-hand? This voguish set keeps comfy on the bottom half with stretchy pants and functional on the top with a cozy robe, and gown for easy feeding access. If you want something to work both pre and post-delivery, this would be a great add-on to your mom-friendly wardrobe. 

Feel confident with this wraparound belly band from Target. It gives your belly the needed support, corrects posture, and helps your body shape back to how it was before. Made with smooth and stretchy material, it is comfy enough to wear anywhere (from your bedroom to the boardroom) and fits you well throughout your early trimesters, as well as, the post-delivery period. 

Self Care Essentials

Items to help you take time for yourself and make you feel amazing! 

Feeling empowered or another way, you will have your own breastfeeding experience. Get soothing relief and make this journey more comfortable with Earth Mama nipple cream. It is a natural balm made of organic calendula and plant butter - making it safe ingestion for your baby without any need to wipe off frequently. 

Box Of Joy

A monthly, quarterly or biannual treat, just for you! 

While you’re already in an exciting time and don’t know what you’ll need after childbirth, it’s best to get the gift of a box that’ll be tailored with items selected as per your due date, each delivery meeting your needs perfectly. Subscribe to this box to manage all your common baby blues and expect much-needed products to pamper yourself from head-to-toe along with goodies to welcome your baby. 

Don’t find any of the above useful? We still have a great option for you! 

Activate the CASH GIFT FUND at MyRegistry

Meal prep, cleaning, laundry, guests… Household chores and responsibilities can double after you have the baby. Amid all the hustle, you still need to focus on your recovering body and spend quality time cuddling with your kiddo. Look to cash gifts from family or friends to fund hiring a housekeeper, caretaker, or baby nurse to help make the transition to motherhood smoother.

If you’re looking for things to make your pregnancy phase more comfortable and enjoyable, here’s a curated list of must-haves to add to your registry - Thoughtful Gifts for Baby Registry That Are Actually For Moms-to-be


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