5 Reasons to Have a Baby Registry for Your Second Baby


Yes, you CAN create a registry for your second baby! Even your third… A veteran mom explains why she refreshes her registry for each new little one.

MyRegistry contributing writer Savannah Walsh is a mom of five (and counting!) and the voice behind That Caffeinated Mom, where she talks pregnancy, birth, and everyday mom life in her own relatable and candid storytelling style. Here, she shares why she’s creating a registry for her newest babe—and what she’s adding to it.

Telling people I’m adding items to my registry for my sixth baby has definitely gotten some mixed reactions. And I know what you're thinking: Why would she make a registry for her second or third, let alone sixth baby?

Is It Okay to Have a Registry for Each Baby?

I really don't know where this rule came from that says you can't have a registry past your first baby, and to be honest, I hate it. Some people even go so far as saying it's rude to make a registry for babies after the first. But I’m happy to report that all the things you’ve been told about making registries for multiple kids is a bunch of hooey! 

So here are my personal top 5 reasons you’ll want to make a registry for your second(+) baby! 

1. It Will Help You Stay Organized

I make a registry for every baby, and I do it mainly for myself. It can be hard to keep track of everything I need to get before the baby comes, and having it all on my registry is an easy way to check things off my list. Four or five months into the pregnancy I start making purchases, going to the registry each month and picking a few things to buy. That way I’m not overwhelmed with expenses right at the end of my pregnancy, and I’m sure to get everything I need. 

2. A Lot of People Will Still Want to Buy You Gifts

Look, people love giving gifts. Especially when it comes to sweet little baby clothes! But speaking for the entire second+ mom community, we don’t need more cute outfits from Aunt Susan. If it isn't your first rodeo, you usually have a pretty good idea of what you like and don't like—brands, styles, fit, textures, and all. It makes me uncomfortable knowing people are spending money on gifts for my baby that we won’t use. Listing things on a registry that you need, want, and will actually use, in a range of prices, eliminates that. So as much as you don’t plan to ask for gifts, if people ask you, you can send them to your registry with a note saying “Zero pressure, but if you’d like to, here are some items we love!”

3. No More Screenshots of Cute Items

I don't know about you, but I’m famous for seeing something I love and then completely forgetting where I saw it. Recently I saw a stunning dress in an Instagram video. I took a screenshot, thinking I’d come back to it later, then moved along. I ended up deleting the screenshot and spent hours stalking my Instagram trying to find the video with the dress. (Spoiler alert: I never did.) No matter what baby you’re on, there will always be things you just have to have, and keeping your registry fresh makes it easy to keep track of them (RIP, dream dress). 

4. Babies Are Expensive

When you have multiple kids, you have lots of the big things already, plus hand-me-downs, which definitely helps. But there are always things you still need. Maybe it’s basics like diapers and burping cloths. Or maybe you bought a swing the first time around and it was too big for your space, so you need a smaller one. Whatever the case, it’s always helpful when people want to knock some things off your list, no matter how many babies you’ve already had! 

5. All Babies Deserve a Celebration

And a few new gifts and toys of their own. Look, if you want to have a baby shower for every single baby—have a shower! If you don't want to have a full shower but still want to have a registry for people who want to buy gifts—have a registry for people who want to buy gifts! A first baby shouldn’t be the only one we feel allowed to celebrate, so do it however you want to do it.

I know it may feel weird, and maybe different from what some others are doing, but I promise, having a registry with babies beyond your first has so many benefits, for both you and others. I vote that in 2022 we stop making it weird to have more than one baby registry, and while we’re at it, let’s stop making it weird to have as many baby showers as you want! 

Here are a few of the items on my registry this time around…

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