Jamie Grayson’s Baby Car Seat Buying Guide [+ Best Car Seats]

Jamie Grayson’s Baby Car Seat Buying Guide - Best Car Seats

From best baby car seats to car seat safety tips, here’s a guide to help you move your baby around safely.  

Starting from your newborn’s first ride home from the hospital to simply going for an outing - a car seat is one of the most important baby gear purchases. It makes traveling comfortable, convenient, and safe for both baby and parent. So, picking the right one is essential to reduce the stress about the baby's comfort and safety. 

When choosing a car seat to put on your baby registry, there’s a lot to consider - from safety & style to convenience and everything in between. To help you get started and buy the right one, here’s a guide by baby gear expert, Jamie Grayson. It includes the best car seat suggestions and tips to make you feel assured that: 

  • You’ve picked the right car seat for you
  • You’ve installed the car seat rightly, and 
  • You’ve buckled your baby in the seat properly. 

Must-Consider Things While Adding Car Seat to Your Registry

MyRegistry partnered with Jamie Grayson, one of the premier baby gear and child safety experts, to share his tips across the following must-consider aspects. 

  1. Safety 

    When adding a car seat, always check that the car seat is tested, approved, and fulfills the safety standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

  2. Ease of use

    It’s always a good idea to pick a car seat that can be easily and correctly installed, as well as smoothly detached. After all, you would never want to risk your child’s safety or disrupt their nap while taking them out of the car. 

  3. Features

    The main things to look for in a car seat include a 5 point harness, side-impact protection, anti-rebound bars, load legs, ease of use, seat belt lock-offs, and compatibility with the latch system. 

  4. Type

    Car seats come in three different styles – rear-facing, convertible and forward facing. Pick the one that goes best with your child’s age, height, and weight. Every car seat has these limits, but in case it's not specified, Jamie's baby safety tip is the ‘Baby’s head must rest at least one inch below the top of the shell.’

  5. Comfort and Convenience

    Choose a car seat that comes with a well-padded seat and plenty of head support - to give your baby a comfortable ride even after long periods of sitting in it. We also suggest registering for a convenient car seat that can help you to run your daily errands with your baby in tow. 

  6. Compatibility

    Not every car seat fits in all cars. So in addition to ensuring the car seat fits your child’s development, Jamie recommends choosing one with a ‘narrow base.’ A narrow base on the car seat enables easy accommodation in a lot of different vehicles. 

  7. Environment Friendly

    Being green matters too! So why not get a car seat that is recyclable and keeps the environment and your baby safe.

Best Recommended Car Seats By Jamie to Add to your Registry 

Jamie believes that Clek is a great brand for secure and sturdy car seats that offer wonderful features and are made to last for long (over 9 years). The brand is known for being transparent as they mention their car seat crash test results on their website. Another key detail that differentiates Clek is that all Clek car seats are completely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Here’s the best car seat  registry picks by Jamie!

Best Infant Car Seat

Jamie recommends that all infants should be placed in rear-facing car seats and remain rear facing until they reach certain height & weight levels appropriate for front facing models.

Why it is Recommended/Key Features:

Clek Liing comes with a rigid latch and convenient one-handed quick release - offering easy, quick, and secure installation, as well as detachment. It has accessories like adjustable straps, harnesses, a narrow base, and a canopy to make your baby’s car ride worry-free. 

It is lightweight and stroller compatible - making it a great fit for every lifestyle, no matter if you travel a lot, have to deal with rideshares, or need to accommodate car seats in different vehicles more often.  

What Jamie Loves: 

A newborn needs to be positioned at a specific angle (preferably between 40-45 degrees) when traveling in a car seat for maximum safety. Equipped with an adjustable post-installation recline mechanism (having 7 recline positions), the Clek Liing can be adjusted to find the perfect angle for the baby, ensuring both security and comfort of your child. Jamie calls this a ‘revolutionary feature’!

Best Convertible Car Seat

Once your baby hits specific height and weight limits, it can be time to shift to a convertible seat. You can also use convertibles from birth by equipping them with infant inserts such as head support/cushion. 

Why it is Recommended/Key Features:

The Clek Foonf is a good fit for both rear-facing and forward-facing use. It is built with best-in-class features like a steel anti-rebound bar, rigid LATCH, advanced side-impact protection, deep side wings, and an adjustable structural headrest. Made with a Crypton fabric seat cover, cleaning your baby’s spills is effortless. 

What Jamie Loves: 

He marks the anti-rebound bar as a ‘key benefit.’ It gives extra inches of legroom to your kid, offering maximum comfort. Furthermore, it also facilitates firm installation - preventing rebounding and protecting your child from any injuries due to collision. 

Best Booster Car Seat

Shift to booster when your child reaches the physical size requirements for a booster and you think they are “ready” to move out of a car seat, every child matures at different rates.  

Why it is Recommend/Key Features:

Clek Oobr has a cool design and rigid latch system for easy installation. When it comes to safety, this ranks as a ‘best bet.’ Made with the reclining seat back and adjustable headrest, it keeps your child safe and comfortable even when they are asleep. 

What Jamie Loves: 

It has top-notch features that protect your child’s well-being as they continue to grow. 

Get Extra Car Seat Safety Tips Here!

Whether buckling your baby properly into the harness or checking the seat’s installation, you always double-check that you’ve done everything correctly. Getting expert tips from Jamie Grayson can help you make certain that you’ve put the car seat and baby both in the right way!

Check out our Virtual Event with Jamie Grayson to get the detailed guide HERE!


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